Dreaming of Blue

March 20, 2016

I am in mood for beach, sea, blue sky, mediterranean food, and so on. If you follow me on snapchat, you know that I am addicted to Greek food recently!! 

Anggy and I are super addicted to clean and healthy eating, not because we want to really lose weight (that's also the goal though, but not necessary) but we enjoy the progress of shopping groceries, cooking, and feeding our body good meals. Loving your body can mean that you provide the best food possible. We love it so much that we talk all night long just to share about cooking tips, where to buy the ingredients, and new menus that we'd like to make. We have a high motherly instinct in the kitchen field lol our future husband would be so happy to have us

However finding mediterranean food especially Greek is very difficult in Jakarta!
Mostly Jakarta's restaurants are only all about Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Western Cuisine. By I mean Western, it's mostly only pizza, pasta, steak, and burger! 

I am bored of it and I want some new taste in my body!

I tried cooking mediterranean food recently and I just found out my new love is Greek Yogurt. WHY I DIDNT FIND THIS EARLIER? THIS IS LIKE THE BEST INVENTION EVER :O

However I'd like to get into real meals provided by real chefs from greek, so I got one in Jakarta named El Greco. I visited this twice already in a week and it's soooo good! Anggy even gojek-ed it home once lol

Though, I want some more foods, weird foods that I can NOT cook neither eat in Jakarta. I found that Bali offers more greek and mediterranean food!! I already listed a few, such as Mykonos, Gipsy Fish, and so on!!! And yes, I am GOING TO BALI for the sake of eating greek food LOL yes, like... going there this tuesday!! LOL

It's because going to greek directly is so expensive lol so, the best alternative Bali it is..

Talking about Bali wont be completed without their beautiful beach. And I am ready to play on the water 8D

However that means I have to stay fit and be free of period O_O
Thanks to Toshiba, now I can maintain and check my daily body condition through its thermometer!

Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer can read my thermometer within 1 min, and fully show me the result in digital mode. Which I can transfer it instantly to my smartphone through their application and store my daily condition. It also helps to check my menstruation period and whether it's coming later or earlier than what it usually is, getting to know your women's body can't be this easier

As I will be going to Bali, I am trying to check my body cycle through the app to know when I'll be having my period!! It's super convenient!
Which means I wont be scared "okay will i get it today? tomorrow? or whenn???!!!" 

Also it's not fragile, super durable and fit into any travel or beauty pouch ^.^

I recommend each women to have one if you also concern about your body condition ^.^
You can purchase Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer on OLX or HERE


See you guys on my next post!

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