The Beauty of Japanese Sake

March 08, 2016

Okay who doesnt know what SAKE is?

I bet you guys know, have you tried one in Indonesia though? How does it taste?

Sake is a Japanese rice wine that's made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran
Sake can be classified into 4 categories in terms of taste and aroma

  • KUNSYU = Flavorful sake, it has fruity or flowery aroma with low acidity
  • SOUSYU = Light and smooth sake, it has fresh taste, moderate acidity, and dry feeling after tasting
  • JYUNSYU = Rich sake, the flavor is mild and rich, while the taste is very smooth
  • JYUKUSYU = It is an aged sake with light golden color, spicier, has nutty taste

We all know that the main ingredient plays one of the biggest keys in terms of flavor, and we now understand that upper side of Japan has abundant fresh and delicious ingredients, including rice. Do you wonder how does the taste is?

Tohoku is area in Japan that has received more awards and prizes than other regions, their local sake is renowned and prized many times. The secret lies on their rice, yes yes RICE

Japanese sake is made through the fermentation of rice and the one that they mostly use in Tohoku is Sakamai. It has larger grains which is softer and has more delicate texture. Sakamai only grows in certain areas and it requires complex cultivation techniques. 

We all got to learn that rice in Tohoku area is so delicious that gives you not only amazing taste, but also amazing beauty from within. And no wonder this staple food can produce amazing sake as well. All the more reason to try Tohoku products

Anyway if you want to know about Tohoku more directly, you might want to come to Japan Foundation event from 7-19 March 2016! 

Although there will be no sake, but you might want to find out more about their local area and be the master of Tohoku before everybody else. Everyone knows Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka already, so let's support Tohoku now XD

You can also support Tohoku by liking their Facebook Page 

See you guys on my next post!

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