The Secret of Japanese Beauty

February 18, 2016

You know what, Internet is truly amazing. I was a bookworm and still am, but having internet changing me the way I find informations. I like to read a lot of articles regarding histories, Japan, cultures, beauty, and so on. Even better if it's a japanese beauty culture and history article. So I came across an article when I was randomly browsing internet like any other humans, and found out that there are tons of Japanese agree that Akita [a prefecture in Japan] women are beautiful, they're called Akita Bijin 秋田美人 

picture source = tokyobling

Here are some of the articles =

So I researched more and more about this fact and WHY, because I want to be as pretty as these Akita women. A lot of articles mentioned that it's thanks to its weather, water, and.... rice O.O

Based on the data, Akita women have whiter skin than the other Japanese because of its lack of sun. The average skin whiteness for Japanese is around 22% while Akita women can reach around 30%, which means they're whiter and paler than average. 

Akita Bijin is also said to have double eyelids, small nose, and small lips. Traits that are adored by Japanese citizens

One of the most popular Japanese celebrities that's also said one of the most beautiful women from the rising sun country is also from Akita. Have you ever heard of Nozomi Sasaki? She's originally from Akita and she's super beautiful!!! 

And another reason for their renown beauty is for their beautiful skin. Tohoku area [which Akita is one of it] produces many rice and Akita rice and water are exceptionally good. Imagine that you keep consuming high quality rice (and food) and water, and you shower + wash your face with amazing water everyday. You're bound to be naturally amazing

According to one of the article from SK II, SK II also researched the secret of japanese beauty in Akita because they know Akita women are famous for their beautiful skin. Now talk about the secret of secret!! 

Next time I also recommend you to have an onsen trip to Akita to enjoy its natural hotspring. Like I mentioned, "the water" is a miracle and you got to have its water for your body! 

For those of you who want to have a beauty trip or a leisure walk to Akita, why dont you find out more about the area itself like what to do and what to eat from Taste of Tohoku Facebook Fan Page?

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