White Strawberry in Japan

February 12, 2016

One thing I havent tried in Japan so far was eating White Strawberry, or Shiro Ichigo. It's a premium, luxury, super pampered strawberry that grows in Japan and sold with high price!!!

I got mine for 750 yen EACH in Shibuya Tokyu Food Hall. After a long consideration that I'd share it with mom which is not bad. I wouldnt really want to eat 750 yen strawberry by myself.. It's too expensive lol

And I mean it, it's just one big piece of white strawberry but everyone was like UO WO AW and gotta take so many pics before we finished it down

However it's pretty big, like 3 times bigger than normal strawberry in Indonesia. And it's packaged beautifully on a single box. The taste is unlike strawberry. It's NATURALLY SWEET [you cant compare with artificial one that uses a lot of sugar and coating], and melts, and it doesnt have the tanginess or sourness from strawberry in Indonesia

The texture is similar to very nice and ripe melon, you know when you bite into it, it just breaks because it's so soft? Yes like that

There's a reason why japanese fruits are so expensive, it's because they put so much effort to make it grow well and when you eat it you feel that happiness T T

Anyway, I saw one of my fav bloggers, Cheesie, went to Tohoku last time and she said that in the market of Fukushima prefecture, there's strawberry tasting and a lot of wide selections of strawberry including the WHITE STRAWBERRY FOR 380 YEN EACH OMG It's like half price than in Tokyo and all more reason to visit Tohoku if you'd love to eat a lot of strawberries. She said the quality is also even better than the one in Tokyo. And even when I had one in Tokyo, it's already so good, I cant imagine how delicious the one in Fukushima must be!!! T . T 

 Tohoku area is very accessible from Tokyo as it's quite close. You can buy JR Pass if you want to travel a long time, or you can just take bus or train to visit it
If you want to know more about Tohoku and thinking it would be a great idea to visit this area, which your friends might havent been to [BE THE FIRST ONE AMONG YOUR GROUP], why dont you visit 

See you guys on my next post!

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