No Make Up Make Up Tutorial

February 18, 2016

In case you guys havent watched my latest Make Up Tutorial, I made a new one!
Recently I am more active on Youtube because a few friends of mine encouraging me to be more active over there. So you might want to subscribe on my channel as well to make sure that you dont miss any video ^^

ANYWAY, I am surprised that someone like me can make this no make up make up tutorial because I used to never want to be pictured with super minimal make up like this as I wasnt good enough imo lol

I guess my perception has changed and now I am more comfortable with my real skin

The video is only around 3 mins long so hopefully you guys wont be bored ^^

How about your next request? What kind of tutorial do you like to see next?
Let me know so I can help you!

These days I am more into making video instead of a make up review. I have too many make up products waiting to be used but mostly they're just for swatches XD; I feel guilty so I guess I'll use them better first..

See you guys on my next post!!

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