All the Lights and Hope

February 01, 2016

After finished my Kawaii Tour with my readers, I brought my mom all over Japan as it's her first time FINALLY!

In case you wonder, no I do not get that much money to splurge from my tour. My mom got her ticket as I had a return ticket to Tokyo that I won from a blogging competition. And then for the flights, we used cheap domestic flight and use my mileage points to book some flights. For hotels, we picked affordable one and use Airbnb Apartments. Even for Airbnb I got some off price because I have some coupons as well LOL

Talk about economical trip!

 One thing that I love during winter trip is of course the snow and illumination lights. It's all just so beautiful, magical, and dreamy. I grew up in Indonesia so winter and snow are mesmerizing for me

Mom and I managed to play ski, throwing snow balls at each other, experienced heavy snow rain, seeing illumination lights, and so on. It's all wonderful and just lack of my father and brother HAHA 
They gotta wait until I win another 3 tickets for them then we can go together lol

Otherwise, freakin expensive la lol

But it's my dream to experience winter together as a whole family. So, lets cross fingers as nothing is impossible in life!

Talking about Winter, in some areas of Japan there would be many winter and snow festivals going on during February. One of it is Towada Winter Story that's located at Lake Towada, in Aomori Prefecture. It's only a few hours drive or around 2 hours Shinkansen from Tokyo so it's perfect if you want to experience winter to the fullest as you can't get this in Tokyo


They carve Samurai and Demonic Face on the snow and light them up, it's super interesting!! Must must must visit next time I visit Japan again!

And inside? It's an IGLOO BAR!!! 

It's usually done around February - early March, so if you happen to visit Japan during that time, please drop by and let me know how it is

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See you guys on my next post!

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