Wrapped in Elegance - Kimono Rental in Kiyomizu Dera

February 20, 2016

As I mentioned that I brought my mom for weeks getaway to Japan because I won a ticket from a blogging contest. I didnt think that I would have another chance anytime soon to bring her to Japan with me [as I am still a mediocre blogger lol] 

So I said, "let's travel thorough Japan! I will bring you to amazing places, and dont worry about money at all. Just, have fun"

Simply because I have no enough confidence to bring her again soon, so I dont wanna waste the ticket and it's better to travel long instead of coming back again next time
And off we go, we went to many places!

After we finished my job in Tokyo [which my mom just tagged along and didnt really enjoy Tokyo to the fullest, but she had good shopping time in Tokyo which is still good], we went to Hokkaido like what I said on my previous post. And we moved to Kansai area. I rented an apartment at Tennoji Area and we took a day trip to Kyoto

I have worn Kimono and Yukata many times thanks to blogging, but my mom never had chance. So before we visited Kiyomizu, we stopped by to a kimono rental nearby and rented each
There are tons of rental shops nearby so you can just walk around and pick whichever you want, the price is similar

I got mine around 5000 yen, and additional hair set 500 yen [hair set is awful, Shinjuku salon is much better]

Of course your Stella Lee will pick a mixture of Black and Red~

And sorry mom but you're not good with camera lol 
There's like 50 attempts or so for each picture to get one good pic, but in fact the good one is in fact not even that decent in my opinion. And all I asked was just to press a shutter

Have you guys ever had a trip with your parents before? Are they as gaptek as my mom too? lol

Usually either it's slanted, my face is blur, the composition is wrong, she cut my leg, etc etc

Kiyomizu Dera is always mesmerizing. However when we reached there, the snow wasn't full enough so it's not that beautiful on the pictures. Do you see all the dead tree? It's all sakura trees! It'll look so beautiful during spring season ^^

I bought a transparent umbrella because it was raining quite hard [SO JAPANESE LIKE OMG, I wanted to bring it back home but mom forgot to bring it back :"( ]
In fact before the rain, there was some snow rain, but later it became normal rain and I HATE IT. I prefer get snow because it's not wet!!! 

Anyway, here are some details from my Kimono~

All 5000 yen [without tax] is included with bag rental, hair accessories, bag, geta, and socks
It's not that bad to walk with geta but because it was raining, it's quite slippery!

Anyway, I am quite active on Youtube now *proud* and I also uploaded a few vlogs in Japan on my channel. I am still under progress editing all those videos about Japan trip, and I will make it both on my Youtube and Blog. GOSH I am so bad, I want to be active on both channels though people these days pick whether to be blogger or vlogger (-__-) I will lose my life very soon with this lifestyle lol

See you guys on my next post!

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