Sahara Desert Tour Experience

February 05, 2018

Right after I am back in Indonesia, I was bombarded with delayed jobs and emails, along with a working trip again to Bali however my heart is still at Sahara Desert, which is one of the best and memorable trips I have ever had in my entire life

From Marrakech, I signed for 3 days 2 nights Sahara Desert Trip where the route lead me back again to Marrakech. There are other routes that lead you to Fes instead or you can sign for 10 days tour to travel all over Morocco but I had limited time there hence 3 days 2 nights is the best option. There's also 1 night tour to desert but they wont give you the shade of orange because it's not far enough, so the least you should sign up for is the 3 days 2 nights Tour

You can simply google the keyword and there will be tons of travel tours available for you. I heard from other customers in the group that in fact no matter which website you signed up at, the main tour that arranged everything will be the same. What differs is only the price you paid will lead you to different hotel at night

This is the major point that I would like to tell you, if you wish to stay at proper hotel, make sure to do research about the hotel you're going to stay at. I didnt do enough research before because it was so hectic before the trip, however half of people in my group tour stayed at different location and they had pretty good bedding compared to mine

If I could turn back time, I wouldn't mind paying for more because I think when you pay more for the luxury, they will allow you longer time at the hotel to take pictures. But as for the route and the car itself, it's all the same

The road trip was long and tiring but we made a few stops before reaching the desert such as Dades Valley, Ouarzazate, and so on. The views were truly breath taking and made me realize how small humans are compared to nature and God's wonder. I was there during winter and I thought I could survive with just jacket, but oh boy how wrong I was. The weather was surprisingly different than any other countries that I have ever visited. The sun shine was strong but it's not hot, all over you is in orange-red shades that gives impression of hot areas, but in fact it's freezing so much. It might not seem like it in the picture, not even in real life, but I almost froze myself to death thanks to the minimum amount of clothing I prepared for Sahara Desert

Luckily I brought some of hot packs that I purchased in Japan and sticked it all over my body to keep my temperature warm. The other guests dressed up as if they're going to Mongolia, and there was I, tropical creature woman with thin layer of fabric shivering in the middle of mountain and threw away my jacket for the sake of pictures. You've been warned, don't do this, don't be stupid, pack your winter coats and heat tech!

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones or Gladiator you would be glad to join the trip because you could enjoy a glimpse of Mereen. It is in fact a real UNESCO World Heritage and it's been around for years. Ourzazate is definitely one of the prettiest city in Morocco and it brings me into another world I had nebver seen before. The whole area is like a city in the game / books

Once we reached the gate of Sahara, we rode our own personal camel for around 1.5 hours to reach the camp. The journey itself was sooooo life changing because I have never crossed sand desert where everything around me is all orange mountains made up by sand. I experienced the prettiest sunset ever as well because the sunset turned the sky into pink-purple shade, and it's definitely breathtaking

The camp itself was so dark and only small lights at some points could light up your way. We had dinner and the staffs were playing traditional instruments while singing to us, everyone were dancing while circling the bon fire. As for me I was busy immersing myself to where I was and how far I have gone, to another continent, to Africa, where millions of stars can clearly be seen on top of my head

Took this picture in the middle of nowhere in Sahara and it's all pitch black. I couldnt see anything except stars above me. Lighting from phone doesnt help either. Luckily my friend and I were accompanied by one super kind staff that brought us some blankets from the camp, and led us way how to go back home. I realized in the morning when I woke up that I left my camera lens cap over there. Maybe someone could find it and brought it back to me, otherwise I hope that my lens cap didn't disturb the environment lol

There was no heater in my camp and I had to sleep with their traditional thick blankets, 3 layers precisely. It was so freezing and for the first time in my life, I woke up saying thank to God because I was still alive. I really thought I almost died because I was definitely not dressed properly for this trip. I layered all the clothes I brought in the road tour but it's not enough

I woke up at 6 before the sun rise, rode our camel again back to our van. But of course we made a stop at the desert for some photo taking. And this is where all eyes are on me, simply because I threw away my coat to take picture in extreme cold

Don't have to believe me if you are skeptical, but it's extremely freezing

After had a quick breakfast, I jumped into the van that brought me again to Marrakech. The journey itself is around 10-11 hours with just one stop for lunch, and a few other stops for some toilet breaks. It was definitely long and tiring, and even worse when the van's full. But it's definitely worth all the effort!!!

However I wouldn't want to bring my parents here because the tour itself was pretty harsh and I don't believe elder could stand it. It's even difficult for someone like me, unless your elders are pretty strong and work out a lot. And before the trip, make sure to pack your medicines and join with healthy body! I will definitely be joining something like this again in the future, but maybe with longer route :) 

Good luck and talk to you again on my next post

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