Top 10 Favorite Restaurants in Bali 2018

February 12, 2018

As promised I will be writing my top 10 favorite restaurants in Bali according to 25 restaurants that I visited with Chope before. By no means I feel the other restaurants are inferior but I just feel that each restaurant listed below is a place where I will be coming back again or have unique experiences / taste


KILN will definitely become my must-return visit simply because I love the interior so much. Once I stepped inside the restaurant, I was impressed by the hanging bulb lights on top of their bar and I just had to take pictures there. They offer wide varieties of cocktails but their mediterranean foods is the main highlight. If you fancy something different for your night meal instead of the normal steak or fish and chips, try KILN instead! 

the dauh 

Floating breakfast has been such a hit these days especially for instagram. However it's mostly available at certain hotels only and Kayana Villas is one of them. Best thing about having your floating breakfast here is you can order the floating breakfast without the hassle of staying at the villa. Simply pay for your ala carte in The Dauh Restaurant and pay additional 100.000 IDR to get the floating tray ready for your experience. With that fee, you can also jump into the pool and enjoy your 5 stars experience

uma cucina 

Uma Cucina Restaurant at COMO Ubud has definitely stolen my heart. Their oh-so-amazing italian meals are so perfect and my favorite is their polenta! I tried a lot of dishes presented and every thing is just beyond expectation! Their desserts are top notch as well and you should try their tiramisu! The restaurant itself offers lush green scenery since it's located at UBUD and really instagenic as well. 


PUHU at Padma Ubud Hotel is one of the best meals during the trip. The presentations for all the dishes are mind blowing, aesthetically enchanting, and the taste is so fantastic! My favorite is the cream soup and their desserts! Unfortunately it was raining pretty hard at that time hence having meal while overlooking their breath taking garden was not possible. But that's just an excuse to come back again and savor the dishes one more time 


 If you're a fan of sea view, enjoying sunset while sipping off your cocktails while listening to live music, Moonlite will definitely be your must visit restaurant in Bali. They offer high quality fusion asian foods and my favorite is their Mixed BBQ Platter that comes with Roast Duck, Soy Sauce Chicken, Crispy Pork Belly, and Char Siew Pork that will only cost you 185k! The price is surprisingly isn't as expensive as I expected especially with million dollar view like this


Seasalt Restaurant from Alila Seminyak is probably the best seafood restaurant that I have ever visited in Bali as of now. The beautiful and unique presentation, high quality ingredients, flavorful taste that bursts inside your mouth and create happiness, there's nothing that I dont like about all of the foods in this place. Don't forget to try their White Snapper baked in Salt which is their signature, along with their Tuna Tartare! And oh, their wagyu beef with wasabi mashed potato is also spectacular


If you're familiar about Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud, Bali, you must have heard about Chris Alan. Spice is another restaurant made by the talented chef that offers Indonesian cuisines with French technique, an affordable and much more casual alternative. The foods are exceptional and they have interesting cocktails inspired by local drinks available

kayu manis jimbaran

 For Indonesian cuisines lover, simply head to Kayu Manis Jimbaran that offers heartwarming Indonesian foods! My favorite is their smoked duck that's limited to 12 portions per day and marinated for hours. The meat is so tender and strong in flavor that you can't replicate at home, asking you for a second round indeed. Don't forget to try their Coriander drink that I am a fan of, or other interesting drinks offered


A hidden gem located in Seminyak that offers fantastic dining experience with fair price. Everyone's favorite is their homemade Bucatini Carbonara that's perfect in chewiness and flavor and presentation. If I could give it score, it's 12 out of 10. However other meals shall not be missed either such as their steak tartar and my favorite desert which is Roast Mango, a dessert that consists of coconut sago shaped into pearl, coconut sorbet, and fresh coriander with mangoes. Perfection does exist! 

azul beach club 

Head to Azul Beach Club if you want to try interesting cocktails with unique shape of glasses, breathtaking bamboo-inspired architectures, cozy lounge area, and beautiful sea view. You can also join the fun by dipping into their pool! And of course life cant be more perfect once you start digging their hearty meals as well. My favorite is their (unfortunately-not-on-menu) Lobster and Prawn Open Ravioli with Lime Granita! As for a must try in their menu, try their Snapper Ceviche, raw snapper covered in ponzu with a hint of ginger

So that's all my favorite restaurants in Bali as of now. However there are so many restaurants in Bali and it is impossible to try everything, so this list only covers places that I have visited so far during this trip. If you have any other restaurant recommendation that I should try the next time I am in Bali, please let me know

Don't forget that you can book all the restaurants above with Chope App, they also have discounts and promotions available for the users! 

Talk to you again on my next post

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