Salzburg Hohensalzburg Fortres

February 19, 2018

I was indirectly forced by a church friend of mine who swore by Salzburg as one of the prettiest city in Europe, hence on my visit to Austria, I made sure that I stayed in this hidden city that's surrounded by breath taking snow mountains. Salzburg itself is pretty and screams CGI in real life. Simply because I had never seen mountains that big that close, and it's next to city life where cars roam around freely. I already made itinerary where I would be visiting at Salzburg but unfortunately because of the slow pace, getting lost, busy eating, and some places are closed early, the only place that's worth to blog about is the Hohensalzburg Fortress which is no 1 must visit place in Salzburg

Little bit of Salzburg itself, it's a city famous for Song of Music. I did watch the movie a few years back and I think it's beautiful but not that breathtaking. Perhaps it's because I visit Salzburg after Prague (where it successfully became my prettiest city) hence I wasn't easily impressed. Also maybe because the season wasn't at its peak. The snow wasn't thick enough to see Salzburg winter wonderland, and I heard from locals that it's hard to get white christmas in Salzburg the past few years thanks to Global Warming. End of January would be the best to experience it

However the most amazing thing I could say about Salzburg in end of December is, they have snow mountain peeking through the clouds all over you, with clear water on the river, and luscious greens all over the park

The staff of my hotel told me that it's easier to walk within the city as everything's within walking distance, hence I walked along the river and took this picture. Even in the middle of harsh winter season, the greens are still there, making it kinda magical

To get on top of the Fortress, you have to take cable car and what awaits you are breathtaking scenery of Salzburg. Even though it's pretty foggy as you can see from the pictures, I am sure everyone will be speechless there

On another note, there's this interesting story about Salzburg
On the day we were visiting the city, there were some Indonesian Group Tours. And at the same time, our ex president, Mr. Habibie were there for his own holiday (with his bodyguard though). A lot of people had already asked for pictures with him therefore I couldn't get a shoot. But what's more mindblowing is about how Salzburg pulls all of the Indonesians at the same time. I mean, we're like tens of thousands kilometers away from our country and we were bound to meet Indonesians even our ex president at the same time. Law of attraction it must be

So that's how it is about Salzburg
And in case you're wondering whats wrong with my hair, it was the tape of my hair extensions

Talk to you on my next post! 

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