Dolly Wink is now available in Indonesia!!

June 05, 2011

Yes! You're not wrong, DOLLY WINK by Tsubasa Masuwaka is now Available in Indonesia!



I just knew it when I went to Seibu at Grand Indonesia yesterday, and I walked to the false eyelashes section for drugstores products, and I saw some space for Dolly Wink! Unfortunately I couldn't take the picture but I have the brochure with me and Ive taken the photos!



Sadly not every eyelashes are available in Indonesia, only half of them available in here

No 1. Dolly Sweet


No. 5 Real Nude and No.2 Sweet Girly


and No. 6 Baby Cute



The price for Dolly Wink Products are =

Pencil Eyeliner = Rp139.000 [16,5 USD]

Liquid Eyeliner = Rp179.000 [21 USD]

False Eyelashes = Rp179.000 [21 USD]

Eyelash Case = Rp59.000 [6,9 USD]

Eyelash Glue = Rp89.000 [10,5USD]

[if I put the price wrongly, please correct me, I dont write it on my notes but only remember it lol]


Dolly Wink is available at Sogo in Jakarta, Seibu, Debenhams SC, and Gandaria

I shall get freebies for attract customers to buy Dolly Wink lol wai Sogo doesnt give me Dolly Wink? T__T #actasifimportantperson


Go get your Dolly Wink if youre interested to buy one! Yes I know its still expensive, but its same price on SASA store in Malaysia if Im not mistaken so its ok la because you can get it easily without waiting anymore. And the False Eyelashes Case is only 60rb so if you cant afford the lashes just pretend your china lashes are dolly wink by putting it inside the case LOL #FAIL

I have a post about a beauty event that I attended yesterday, will blog about it soon once I've resized all the pictures

and if you see or gonna buy Dolly Wink, tell me :DDD

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