I'm blonde agaiiinnn :D

June 18, 2011

No, I dont bleach my hair thats why my hair doesnt look that light. My hair has been damaged a lot and I've gotta be nicer to them T_T Gotta say this kind of shade is not my favorite, nor I wanted this shade. but gotta be thankful coz I dyed it without bleaching, and did it by myself at home, and the result was not bad. Seriously, I'm proud of myself 8D

my hair last time was dark brunette, with a hint of light brown. Truthfully, it wasnt that nice to show off because of the discoloration, I dont say that this color is ok but I think its better than before because the color doesnt have anymore black! yay <3

Oh and this month I've bought some stuffs which are not make up lol

Tripod that I bought from Jakarta Fair

Babyliss curling Iron

Toshiba 500gb Eksternal HD

And my new laptop bag

Im gonna post other pictures of mine later, I'm in hurry to spend weekend with my best friends,

Hope you all have nice weekend also <3

Good Bye

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