Basic Gyaru Tips, Part 1 : What Gyaru Is & Gyaru Points

June 03, 2011

Are you interested being gyaru?

Do you want to start being gyaru but don't know where to start first?

Well then,I'm here to sharing my tips about basic gyaru tips that I know, and I'm not saying that I'm 100% real japanese gyaru but yes, I'm addicted to this style for a really long time so I probably can help you all, the newbie ^^ and if other gaijin gyarus would like to add some info, or correct my post, please dont hesitate. Just leave comment ^^

Let's make Gyaru Community bigger <3



So, what's GYARU?

Gyaru is basically all fashionable girls in Japan, Gyaru comes from word GAL, and pronounced Gyaru among Japanese.

Japanese girls get tired of how people see Asian beauty as fair skin, and black hair, with small eyes and obedient girls who only stay at home. They want a change in this view. Namie Amuro, a singer, is what Gyaru girls modeled and idolize for their new look

With brown hair, and tan skin, she easily captures Japanese girls heart

That's why Gyaru is a rebellious thing from Japanese girls, but it's not categorized bad in my opinion, but as girls revolution. Gyaru's big hit is during '90s, when its fashion and make up are super extreme to the max

like this... a Ganguro Gal

But after 21st century, Ganguro decreased and only a few lasted, probably because its too extreme. Then nowadays Gyaru not only focused in Ganguro but also other sub-genres; which we'll be talking later, and these are some pictures of today gyarus!

MAX Cute or not???!!! <333


�MOSTLY nowadays Gyarus have these essentials that I'm gonna writing about, no matter what genre they're taking after since Gyaru has a lot of� varieties, but these points are what people easily notice whether someone is gyaru or not

  • Circle Lenses

In the picture, Tsubasa Masuwaka, a gyaru model, is wearing the Bambi series in Sesame Gray with diameter 15mm

to create a dolly effect, gyaru always put circle lenses to make their eyes pop, and look cute. And no, its not 14mm diameter, the normal one, but mostly use circle lenses with diameter 14,5mm-15,5mm, and sometimes more!

And gyaru uses brown circle lenses most, but Its not like they dont wear grey, blue, or green, they do wear them, but mostly they use brown since it looks more natural :)� And Gyaru wears circle lenses with unique pattern and colored one, not only black lenses that will only larger your eyes, Gyaru's eyes need to appear cute and dolly looking

  • Fake Eyelashes

Gyaru is nothing without false eyelashes. False eyelashes makes every gyarus' eyes appear larger, and also wider. There are a lot of different styles of false eyelashes, and each lashes give you different feeling to your eyes. You may choose whatever style that you think suits you well

and also, not to mention that within 3 years back, false lower lashes is really popular among gyarus since it gives eyes more dolly look and make eyes appear wider !

see how lively gyaru's eyes are?

  • Bleached / Blonde Hair

It's one thing that Gyaru always has even from the first gyaru circle was made. Colored hair has a really strong point for you to become gyaru, and Blonde is the most popular color for gyaru

and brown hair is what gyarus second option if they dont want to bleach their hair, which will damage her hair [like how damaged my hair is T_T]

and, its not likely gyaru always have colored hair, sometimes there are black haired gyaru, but its rare, and its difficult to pull the gyaru-ness off in my opinion, though if it suits them well, they can be really pretty like these =

  • Tan Skin

Even though if you see the magazines and photo collections of gyaru, you may not think that their skin is tan like what you think, but its just because of flash and lighting trick. They're around NC40 in MAC Shade! not NC 15 or what like japanese girls usually have. They go to tanning salon every month or two months to get their body tanned, and give their skin healthy looking glow

and its not like I want to have nudity on my blog, its just, the skin would look better if the gyarus show their bodies off LOL

not every gyarus are as tan as them, some are ordinary white like what every japanese girls have, they're called shiro gyaru / white skin gyaru. And super tan skin like what ganguro has is not really a big hit right now, but more into healthy glowing tan like californian girl

  • Well Dressed

It's a must.. I dont say that youve to buy a lot of expensive branded clothes, but just make sure you dont wear your 90's clothes or anything like this =

you know what la *ahem*

  • Make Up


Have proper make up and not just a lipgloss or an eyeliner, gyaru needs a lot of make up to create dolly face, and we will talk for the detail on other parts since its really long lol

  • Love and Confidence as Gyaru


Gyaru is really difficult to pull off outside Japan, because not everyone knows or like this kind of style. It's a preference. So you need a lot of confidence to be a gyaru, because being a gyaru means you will become different from other people, and you will attract attention more

And you need to love gyaru itself, because if you just follow this style based on force, wannabe poser, or anything, you're not a true gyaru. Loving gyaru from the bottom of your heart is the key to become a proper gyaru ^^


I hope this article be helpful for you all, comments and suggestions for the improvement are welcomed

Gyaru Love <33

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  1. I love gyaru make up but my husband thinks it's "too much"...but luckily he doesn't mind buying all cosmetics when he goes to Japan.

    On the other hand, being gyaru in Indonesia, I found it really hard cos most of Indonesian stared at other really really obvious. I wasn't really into gyaru back then but I used make up etc and I wear shortpants (they say it hotpants) and tanktop most of the time. Coming from a cold country (it was still winter in Japan) to a hot country so I felt Indonesia was really really really hot..

    so everytime I went out with my boys, people would stare at us, probably cos of my make up and my outfit..or probably cos I looked so young yet have 2 kids. So I was really annoyed when I was back

  2. that's true, people keep asking why I wear gyaru make up and fashion in my country. saying things like natural beauty, and normal. Well, I like this style, and this makes me happy, so I guess I have no choice :b thats why, for the last essential to be gyaru, is the confidence, because gyaru always attracts attention, no matter where you live. But I think thats the excitement? lol

  3. Indeed. Indonesian guys always tend to say natural beauty is the best (or sth like that), but if we don't wear make up, no1 will look at us and ask for our phone happens to me in here...if I go out without make up,no guys ask for my number but when I wear make up, guys notice me and ask for my number even though at the end I say I am married. You're so pretty btw =)

  4. haha guys in here will end up say that "no one would marry you because when you remove all the make up, your ugliness shine through" wtf LOL; but I dont put make up for guys, its just girls excitement :D
    thanks, but its all thanks to make up haha <3 how are you btw? and what will you be doing in summer? :D

  5. I've wanted to adopt gyaru style for so long! I have all the necessary things to get myself started, but that doesn't matter anymore since Indonesia is a super tough environment for a gyaru to be in. I guess I'm not thick-skinned enough to ignore people's stares... and my parents' obvious disapproval :struggle:

    Pleased to find an Indonesian gyaru, by the way. I thought for sure that none existed in this country :heart:

  6. haha, my parents dont like it either, and i am stared and talked behind by everyone, i know it, but been like this for over years, so i guess im quite used to it haha
    but yes i know, its pretty difficult therefore none existed except me lol not sayin that im fully gyaru too, cannot wear all gyaru stuffs and make up for daily basis either since i take public transportation. ut try my best to do this lifestyle :-)