Random Facts About Me

June 11, 2011

I'm more into random person nowadays, so this post will be super random also. I will be talking about 10 random facts about myself that some or mostly people dont know about


1. I'm a shy one when meeting new people

People keep sayin that I'm loud and easy going, but in fact, I was really afraid to meet new people. I may look calm, but in fact I shake my legs so much till I wanna run away from them LOL I look different when you meet me from the first time, and when you meet me a month later. If Ive met you before, I would have talked better. So yeah, if you meet me for the first time, Dont be surprised if I not look talkative and such :b

2. I am a stoic person when watching movies

Yes, whenever I watch them, I dont do anything such as crying, laughing, smiling, or whatsover. I dont understand why people do so, especially my dad and my brother who laugh hard when watching comedy. There are only a few movies that make my tears falling down such as Hachiko, and one Liter of Tears. But seriously, its not even that much -_-; I guess I'm just cold-hearted? or what do I have to call this?

3. My favorite food is Indomie with half cooked egg

I eat Indomie [Indonesian instant noodle] almost every morning, its my breakfast need and I just feel mad whenever I cant eat them. But Indomie isnt complete wihout half cooked egg inside! I love noodle, yes. And I do love other foods as well, but I just cant live without it. Even though I know its bad for my health, I just cant and dont want to stop this habit. Indomie is my nicotine, and eating it is my addiction lol And I only Eat Soto Mie Flavor btw!

4. I love Super Junior

I'm not their fan after they launched the phenomenal song, "Sorry Sorry", which became a big hit in Asia, and increased their popularity. And I'm not a fan who like them just because this time is Korean Wave. NO! I've been their fans after they launched "U" which is released in May 2006. I've liked them since then, and my favorite member back then was Kim Hee Chul and Shin Dong. He was seriously awesome with his attitude and confidence. As for Shindong, I respect him because of his ability dancing even though he is *ahem* fat. But as I know Super Junior more, now I just cant love each one of them, but the whole group. I'm not into Korean music because I'm more into Japanese music, but Super Junior is the one I cling to for Korean artist not because they're Korean, but because Super Junior is Super Junior

5. I was into Visual Kei Punk and gothic fashion when I was in Junior High School

Name the Gazette, Miyavi, Alice Nine, Vidoll, Gackt, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Malice Mizer, Nightmare, Ayabie, SuG, LM.C, and the list goes on, some Japanese Rock with Visual Kei style that I adore and listen to. I collected skulls shirts and accessories, then have punk hair and tease them to make them look bigger and sharper, and thick dark black eyeshadow on my eyes as always. My clothes were black-white-red, and I only have black nail polish back them. I hated pink, and girly stuffs because I thought it was a blah. I didnt expect that I would become the way I am now lol

6. I didnt know english at all until I was 14 years old

I got english class since I was child but I seriously didnt understand any single sentence of them. What correct sentence I did were only How are you and I love you LOL When I was 14, I had a trip to Australia with my family and we had tour guide and translator so I thought its ok. But when I wanted to ask for a spoon to the waitress, I didn't know what spoon was in english and its seriously super embarassinnnggg!!!!!!!!

I then said "knife", but its not what I wanted then I spoke in Indonesian but obviously she didnt understand any single word. My brother who was only 7-8years old during that time, told the waitress that I was looking for spoon, and she understood. I was humiliated. So after I went back to Indonesia, I asked for a private english tutor, and I learned Simple Present Tense for 4months, and Simple Present Continous for 3months, and I dont say that during those months I could do it as well as I do today! Sometimes I wrote "She doesnt eating" or "I'm like you, darling [which shall be "I like you"]. Super bad grammar until I may laugh until die if i see my old writing. After two years in a lot of english courses, and chatting with American and European people, I became quite ok with english, then I entered Wall Street Institute when I was 15 years old, attending Upper Waystage 3. Finished my contract with them and received Diploma certificate when I was 17 years old.

I dont say I'm that fluent in english, but seriously, I'm proud for what I've achieved now due to my hard work for the past years. And no, if you say you cannot speak english no matter how hard you try, You can at least know what spoon is, right?

7. I've been loving drawing manga since I was able to hold pencil

I read manga a lot and I collect them, they are my treasures <3 And I'm proudly say that I'm gifted to draw shoujo manga style. I've finished my manga course at Machiko Manga School, and I was dreaming for becoming a mangaka. But its payment is not that good in Indonesia, and I've gotta admit that I cant live by only becoming a mangaka in my country, That's why I'm attending Art & Design Faculty, and I'm planning to work under that field as well. As long as art is included in my job, Its enough <3 And doing manga when I have spare time or when I feel like doing so is really relaxing <3

8. I am a tone deaf

God is fair, I was gifted by skilful hands to draw, but I had super worst ever voice you'll ever heard. I cant tell a difference between do-re-nor mi.Its a Serious tone deaf. I've never sang any song nor wanted to go Karaoke until I was 15 years old because I was ashamed with my voice. The only songs that I sang were only punk songs which were nothing except growling and screaming ROFL

But I've learned to accept my lack, and now I can sing sometimes. But if you ask me to sing individually, believe me, I cant do that, because I dont understand any single thing about note, pitch, and so on. You dont want to hear it either because its not any voice that's suitable for human ears

9. I'm a great stalker(?)

Well, not that great, but sometimes I'm impressed by how great I can be when stalking someone. I can get their name, family, background, friends, phone number, address, and even IP Address and location in GPS if I want. I could hack hotmail when I was junior high school by detecting their password, which I didnt do la. Especially when I hate or like someone, I can stalk them perhaps until I know how much hairs they have on their body *hyper*

I dont know if its just me or everyone can do so. But this ability only comes when I feel like doing so. When I'm not in mood, I dont do so. And I only do so when I want to do research about them, not everyone deserve to be stalked by me LOL

10. I speak brutally and harshly

I do speak bad since I have sharp mouth, and I always tell my honest opinion. You wouldn't believe that I was a super nice and introvert years ago, someone who never say no when someone asking for my help, or seek for advice. All you can say that I was an angel, truthfully. Even jealousy was a sin for me back then. But I do know, that always speak nice doesnt always mean you're a nice person. I did have dark side that I didnt want to admit, and it pressured me a lot, making me hate my own self. I started showing my opinion, and some who only wanted to be with nice people to comfort and please them start showing their true skin

Being arrogant, selfish, and sassy for the first time make me having a true friends in the end. And as for me, if I show my bad side first to someone and if they accept me wholeheartedly, they are meant and deserve to see my nice side. I'm now only be nice toward people that I do care, I do love, I do believe, or people who really need my help. I dont think its a nice thing, but I dont think it wrong either. Everyone has their own choose to go through this life. One thing I'm sure is, once I care about my friends or anyone, I can be the best and caring person you've ever known


Now I tag all of you who read this blog! Make a post about your 10 random facts! And dont forget to tell me once youve done with it! ^__^

Its just for fun, so dont take it seriously hahahaha...

I will be holding a giveaway soon, so please stay tuned, <3

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