Kushiya Monogatari - AEON Mall BSD City

July 28, 2015

Last lebaran holiday, my family visited AEON Mall at BSD City just because. The crowd was crazy and everywhere you went, you had to wait for 1-2 hours to get a seat at your restaurant. I even had to look around for a parking around an hour until I decided to park it somewhere illegal LOL 

Last time I went to AEON with mom, we ate at Uchiya Shokudo so we wanted to try something different. We picked All You Can Eat restaurant that is very famous and looks apetizing, Kushiya Monogatari

Especially since my brother eats a lot, you know, young guy.. So we decided to just get AYCE instead
It's an unique AYCE, you basically eat skewers covered with panko [bread crumb] and cook it by yourself

The price is quite expensive, and it was holiday. Dont forget about all the tax and service charge too. And they were in bad mood cos I brough them to 1,5 hour drive to get in crazy line for a food. So I was like "ok ok my fault, im gonna pay" -___-

A picture worth a thousand words, so I'll let you know what's inside and what's available on the menu through my pictures. Keep scrolling!

Surprisingly there weren't many kinds of skewers as I had thought. However I am pleased by a wide selection of sauces and some stuffs that I have never had at other AYCE's such as Takoyaki, Taiyaki, Chocolate Fondue, and Matcha Ice Cream

There weren't many meat and seafood available. Mostly it's just potatoes, sweet potatoes, meat balls, apple, fish cakes, onion, garlic, etc. I only had chicken, squid, and shrimp. I wish they had more variations

The rice is however very tasty lol as expected of rice from Japanese restaurant haha
Basically you cover the skewer with panko and deep fry it on your own for 2-3 minutes

The dessert selection is not bad as it consists of flavored ice creams [I got matcha], Brownies, and chocolate fondues [with marshmallow or candies or etc]. However the taste is just so - so

For me the ingredients are quite fresh but it lacks of impacts and variety of food. I know that mostly AYCE restaurants are not as tasty as Ala Carte one, but I am a little bit disappointed because I have queued for so long and didnt really have pretty decent taste. The panko wasn't very good and crunchy either and there weren't many meats

The only taste that I could have is from the sauces

I would prefer to eat at this kind of restaurants again for piece-set instead of AYCE

Mom, my brother, and I finished like 80 skewers altogether. Dad was out meeting someone
I scolded my brother cos he ate less than me and it always happens everytime I treat him food. I mean, DONT FCKIN WASTE MY MONEY LA LOL
If you dont eat much, then dont bother go to AYCE

But when we go to ala carte, he orders as if he's at warteg

This time, he even had to tighten up his belt and kept saying "I have never seen any girl ate as much as you Ce.. "

Which I replied "Because the girls were lying to you. If I was a teenager on a date, I wouldn't eat a lot too in front of the guy"

Knocked off! How about you? Do you eat a lot too?

We spent some time at AEON Department store and I got my mom a bed and some stuffs from there. We would like to visit the supermarket again but the crowd was too massive, so maybe next time! We just quickly drove ourself back to home, and promising to NEVER GO OUT AGAIN during Lebaran LOL

I'll just freaking cook Indomie at home

See you guys on my next post!

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