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July 15, 2015

My friend's sister was going to California for a trip and I shamelessly asked whether she can hand carry a few mini products for me. It is because no online shops sell it [I know there are 2/3 stores but they happen to have colors that I request out of stock], and if I ship it to Indonesia, the tax is super high and difficult because it is liquid T_T
As their family is nice, they agreed to my selfish request. Thank you Fei!

Thanks to social media and such, I am super eager to try Olaplex!
My hair breaks many times from bleaching at some shitty salons, and Olaplex promises to help avoiding the breakage. Thats my hair is short, and thats why my hair has many layers not bob. Because the hair is uneven thanks to the breakage
Hopefully by having Olaplex would make my hair safer. So YEAY finally I get this baby!

Purchased their Traveling Stylist Kit [no 1 and 2] and additional no 3 for the whole complete set
Thanks to Guy Tang for his channel and recommendation, I decided to trust in him and so I got this cos of his video

I also purchase Pravana Vivid for crazy hair dye. I read that it is super pigmented and I am trying to change hair hehe.. 

Got it in Violet and Pink. Never try a bold color so HOPEFULLY will work well on me lol

Lebaran Holiday is finally near but I'm staying in Jakarta as always. Jakarta is such a peaceful city during Lebaran, no traffic jam at all and I can go everywhere within 30 mins XD
How about you? What are you doing this holiday?

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. ampun deh cciiii, pravana vivid nya!!! Shipping ke indo mahal sih hahaha

  2. how did you buy the olaplex? I tried to get it on the website, but it was for salon stylists only… :(

  3. packagingan nya sih bagus tapi kandungan nya aman ga ka ?