Sony Kawaii Cam 11 - Sony DSC KW11

July 16, 2015

I wanna share with you guys my new camera. I still have my other 2 mirrorless but adding a specific camera into my collection is not a bad thing right? I have been wanting to have a camera only for selfie purpose since last year. I cannot rely on phone's camera because no matter how good it is, it is still not good enough for my standard. I want to be able to take a selfie + upload it on my social networks, which means gotta be sharp and high quality!

I saw this selfie camera by Sony at one event with a few friends of mine and they're like "IT'S SO YOU!!". I asked the price and so on at that time, but it wasnt launched yet so I made promise to get it once it's launched
So you can imagine how happy I was when there's an email for me to review this camera. Without further ado, I say yes like asking its hand for marriage lol

Sony Kawaii Cam is a 19.2 megapixels camera which its lens can be tilted 180', making users can get the same quality both for front and back camera. You can see it below when I tilt it to the front and the back

They're available in 4 colors = White, Pink, Purple, and Green
If only they have black, I would have it but unfortunately no. I was torn apart between white and purple but decided to get purple in the end. They also customized my initial S-L on it, so thoughtful!

The head lens design is designed by swarovski and the product itself is inspired by perfume bottle. The makers want the users to still look pretty and elegant while taking selfie, hence the luxurious packaging. All my friends who have seen it rave how beautiful and stylish it is!

It is the size of normal mobile phone so very convenient to be brought along too

It comes in re-attachable table-stander so you can put it on shutter mode and have fun taking wefie with your friends XD Even the holder is so pretty and glamorous!
Unfortunately I am afraid I am going to lose it because it is not a part of the camera, gotta be careful as I cannot buy it separately @_@

Everything is super convenient and easy with minimal buttons. It is automatic camera which means the camera will do EVERYTHING for you, you dont have to adjust the ISO, Aperture, etc. Minus point is the lens is fixed and you cant zoom in / out it. Although the lens itself is only 21mm and not full-framed, the wide-angle lens helps taking picture wider and let us look slimmer on the pic lol

Super cheat one!

Everything is touch-screen and you can adjust your beauty effects too. I will be talking about the function and review it on my next post, but for today I will just scream about their pretty and convenient design first

The camera is so pretty and I can't get enough of it. I will talk about my experience with it soon on my future post as I need to master the camera first before making the review
I have been a loyal fan of Sony for years so I have pretty high expectation

Price for Sony Kawaii Cam 11 is Rp 7.000.000 and for now can only be purchased at limited store of Sony Indonesia
Jakarta = Mal Taman Anggrek
Surabaya = Tunjungan Plaza


More Info about Sony Kawaii Cam on Sony Indonesia Website


What do you think of this camera and which color attracts you most?

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. warna ungu nya cantik bgt O /// O
    can't wait for your review after using it

    i am confused about picking white or pink or tosca bcos the colors are all lovely
    i dont need to think of purple, no matter how good the color (even this one) is i'll never pick purple because i hate purple, hahaha

  2. Aaaa~ the color looks so pretty <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. haha I heard pink is so popular, which is expected. But I think it is too feminine for me lol

  4. For you, I recommend Sony A5100 instead of this then? :)

  5. no, mine is the old series, the NEX 5 type :)

  6. What is your another 2 mirrorless cameras , sis? Which one you like most ? :D

    Yelny - Candy After Dinner