Purple Hair With Pravana

July 21, 2015

Like what I have mentioned on my last post about USA Haul, I got myself pravana hair dyes that is super pigmented and very popular among hair stylist in USA. This time I tried the violet one mixed with some pink. As this is first time having rainbow hair like this, I am quite shocked to see the changes but so happy that I am able to try something out of my comfort zone

I am afraid of too bold color so I dilute the color with conditioner as what most people do on internet. Pravana is super pigmented so a tiny little bit is all you need + a lot of conditioner. I use Tresemme as it is the one that I found at Indomaret near my home lol

I dyed it twice because the first time I put too little violet like on the picture above. Therefore the second time I put a little more of it. I spread it with the brush and leave it for about an hour before rinsing it off

The color looks different on every lighting. More blue-ish indoor, and more pinkish outdoor

Indoor for filming


Indoor with other camera

So far I'm lovin it and I look more badass I guess 8D
I will keep this color for a longer time

I totally recommend Pravana because you only need tiny little amount to get this, around pea size. Therefore it will save a lot of money for next dye!

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. Wooahhh!!! It's my dream hair color. I been wanting to dye my hair but I'm too afraid. It might damage my hair. Anyways, your new hair color suits you Stella.

    Xx, Vanessa
    Ai ♥ Capture Memories | The College Candy

  2. Is it permanent? :O

    - 20deviations.blogspot.com

  3. waw cukup ekstrim sih buat dikota aku warna itu hehe