How I Usually Dye My Hair - Asian Ash Blonde Hair

July 10, 2015

New video!!

I was in doubt to make this video + retouch my hair because I am still moving. It takes foreverrrrrrr to finish everything, and up to now I still havent finished it yet LOL
So I was reluctant to retouch bcos I wasnt in mood to doll up. However I had to attend an event and so right before that, I had to go to salon for a quick fix

Ryoji was free on that day so he invited me to try out his salon as well
He was very busy during the opening stage, which means it is good!
I was surprised that he only needs around 4 hours to take off my extension, bleach, color, damage treatment, and cut! Usually I need to stay whole day until late to do everything. I dont know why Japanese can work so fast and efficient O_O

If you're interested about Ryoji salon, you can visit Ryoji Sakate Website

So I have ash blonde hair like usual, the purple tone is stronger so it produces grey. I prefer this kind of hair instead of yellow or warm blonde, I love ash for years <3

Ryoji wants the result to be all natural without hair extension as he wanted to put treatment as well. Hence I removed all the extensions for now. Right now they're sleeping inside a box at my wardrobe, waiting to be used again in the future *perhaps* lol

You can watch the video below about my whole progress

However this time I talked in Bahasa, so I am sorry foreign readers :"<
But in fact, are my readers from Indonesia or overseas more?

Please let me know where youre from :)

As for myself, I prefer myself with long hair. I think only real beautiful girls who can pull of short hair as not every one looks good with it, so I never really like myself with short hair. However my mom prefers myself with short hair :"<

I know it's easier for me to maintain but picture and image wise, I prefer myself with longer hair
How about you? Do you prefer yourself with long or short hair?

I just bought some properties for indoor video making stuffs, hopefully this will keep me motivated making videos from now on!
Next week I am going to make Plastic Surgery FAQ. So stay tuned!!! 

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. Dari Indonesia.... *screaming*
    Yosh ditunggu video lainnya :D
    Kalo bisa bahas-bahas soal trend fanshion n makeup Jepang juga. O iya stella ngga kepikiran kah buat jadi youtuber? Keliatannya bakalan kece kalo kamu bikin channel yang isinya soal Jepang. Kan kebanyakan youtubers Indonesia fokus ke komedi.

  2. Master Flowerkiller~July 11, 2015 at 4:46 AM

    I love it ↨

  3. I talked about going that color today with my sister. I'm just too afraid! It looks great on you.

    I'm from Florida! I love knowing where my readers are from. It's really cool that people all over the world get to read what you write and share opinions. I love the internet.

  4. I'm from the Philippines! You could actually put English subtitles for your international subbies :) Ash hair looks great!

  5. Haha dari dulu emang mau fokus di YT cuman karena kemaren skripsi, terus sibuk starry, sibuk rehab surgery, sama skrg sibuk pindahan rumah, jadi aga keteteran. Semoga abis pindahan rumah bisa aktif lagi!
    Isi soal jepang maunya apa :D Share dong yang mau kamu ketahuin :)

  6. Okay got it XD I will try to share about it! Thank you!

  7. Wow Florida!!!! XDDD
    That color looks great only with thick make up for me lol Go for it!!!

  8. Ok I am learning how to, will do so right after this <3

  9. I think the result is amazing! (⁎⁍̴̛͂▿⁍̴̛͂⁎)*♡ོ Not many people suit that colour!
    Love that Harvest Moon background music btw haha!

  10. ci Stella senapa suaranya lucu banget sih ^^

  11. ci Stella kenapa suaranya lucu banget sih ^^

  12. I'm from the UK, so I guess you have readers from all over the world! ^^

    English subtitles would be great :)

  13. Hello stella! :) Love your Ash hair <3333
    I really want to try ash hair but I just afraid I'll damage my hair more :<
    btw, apart from being his friend, Do Ryoji really great for cutting?
    I already make an appointment for 25th but still thinking should I really try or no hahhaa xD
    because Ryoji is new so I couldn't really find many review about him~
    Pleas do tell your honest opinion :)


  14. your voice is so cute!
    i'm from Indonesia and i love to see your photos on ig so much ><

  15. Blonde would be damaging yes :"<
    I was only trimming, which means I dont change much. He doesnt really show his skill when he did my hair XD But like any other jap hair stylist, he did it very carefully :)

  16. Woahhh UK :O I always want to visit *A*

  17. Haha thanks for recognizing it lol

  18. I really love your hair colour, it's so beautiful <3

  19. I think you can pull off the cool look better without your extensions but look super girly and elegant with longer hair - so you can definitely do both.
    I actually think your "short" hair is long already... seeing that my hair needs forever to grow and it's really a pain.
    Right now I try to get longer hair - finally - after giving up midway and cutting it shorter again for two times.

  20. Gimana kalo bikin tutorial makeup, tapi yang agak beda dari makeup yang biasa kamu pake? Visual kei atau goth lolita(tapi yang lebih menjurus ke goth nya, jangan yang kawaii). Keliatnnya visual kei bakalan cocok banget sama rambut baru mu :D

  21. Got my haircut done last saturday :) we talked a lil bit about you hahaha.
    and yep he did very carefully and honestly much skilful also.
    please do visit my blog if you have spare time :)
    thanks! X