A New Chapter

June 17, 2015

As I updated on my Snapchat. I am moving.. Anyway, have you added me on Snapchat? The ID is forever uncreative one : stellalee92
It is still in Jakarta but my family will be moving to a bigger place than my current little apartment. Closer with my family's business place to be exact, as we're now expanding our own business, and it needs every family members to take care of it

Moreover, my new place is closer with highway so it's more convenient
It is getting better, life. .

For me, I like it because I have bigger room and as I wont be at apartment anymore, which means I can finally have a pet again! I used to have a pomeranian back then but we had to give it back away to my aunt's house as we're not allowed to have a pet at apartment :"(

I have been wanting to have a red toy poodle for years and now it is the time!
Do any of you know where to find a red toy poodle? 
Do you know any good pet shop?

Please let me know! :)

Top and Skirt Set : Cloth Inc
Sandals & Glasses : VNC

Picture is taken on Le Bridge Ancol
Not hipster at all

This year I prefer to not have any overseas holiday from my own pocket. I am choosing to spend my money to decorate my place. I pray that I wont be tempted to go anywhere this year, I have no more budget to waste lol

Although it is not a big amount as some people, but dang, furnitures are very expensive :(
Especially if you want your room to be thematic

So I have been busy meeting my interior designer, and also browse around IKEA and other home & living, Pinterest is also my new friend these days
I am packing a lot of beauty stuffs and sponsored items which means, there might not be beauty review until I finish moving

It wont be long though, the deadline will be before Lebaran hopefully
There's a sense of satisfaction when I can easily say I would decorate my place by my own money, my own sweat. But looking at my bank account, I would like to scream

Hence my mom said to just forget about the poodle, as buying a dog is expensive and the cost later on will rack up
But I want it :"""( 
So guys, please help me finding a cute little poodle with affordable price??? *begs*

Anyway, Got Season 5 is finished. I was in shock when you-know-who died but I felt a bigger impact when watching Cersei's walk of shame. The scene was leaving stronger mark in my mind as I would rather die than do it. The acting is superb!

Now I can't wait for next year's season. Why it needs to take so long?!!!

So this is just another chapter in my life

Thank you for being a loyal friend to me, and experiencing every little chapter of my story
I will update you guys more <3

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. copas from below!

    Sorry for my late reply because I am busy moving!!!

    Actually, I had tried looking at the website too a few times before this. However the dogs are usually quite old already and mostly friends told me that owning a dog would be easier when it's owned since young
    I had contacted one ad [not on that site] that claims "dog for adoption" but they asked me 3jt for adoption fee. I was surprised because I thought adoption would not need for any fee o.o ? Is it usually how it is?
    When I was asked for fee, I was really hesitant of adoption idea because it means it is the same by buying dogs, only less expensive (-_-;;) ? Please correct me if I am wrong, or maybe I just met a fake adoption shelter?

    Also, my mother is not a typical who want to adopt a dog out of nowhere so she never allows me to, unless the dogs are young and beautiful. As shallow as it is, I find there's reason for her to have her own opinion and as long as I am still living with her, I have to follow her rules too :")
    She also tells me to never adopt any kid in the future whether I have it on my own, or none at all. Mom thinks if we have money, we can just put it for donation instead as it is less tough and she thinks not everyone is ready for adoption. Sometimes human or even dogs for adoption had bad experience in the past and she neither thinks her nor me are tough enough to face against the dog's trauma. I guess not everyone is up with adoption idea, esp the elder generation ?

    But anyway, thank you for your suggestion guys! I really appreciate it but I regret I cant meet you guys' expectation :"(

  2. okay please wait!! I just finished moving my comics and cosmetics. Clothes left and cleaning and gonna be done!!

  3. Cici putih banget siii :'(
    Good luck cii decorating room nya yaaa~
    Pasti seru banget deh dekor" ruang gituu

    Sylvia's World



  5. hai stella,daripada membeli anjing poodle gimana kalau adopsi anjing-anjing yang ada di animal defenders atau shelter hewan lainnya?mereka juga lucu kok walaupun bukan anjing ras :)
    hanya saran saja bukan pemaksaan,semoga bisa ditanggapi dengan baik ya
    Ah,selamat mendekor ya ga sabar ditunggu update nya

  6. Congrats for your new home~
    I really want to decorate my room with my own money like you <3 .So envy. Someday i can :D