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June 05, 2015

What does a blogger do when she's not busy? Do a random photoshoot!
I called Ariel, out of blue and asked for a photoshoot meet up

After all I have many clothes at home waiting to be photographed by his amazing skill
Not like I cant take pictures for my own blog, but it's almost impossible to get my mother to take beautiful outfit pictures of mine. And when you have a friend works at Junia Photography, you know you have to make use of him well lol

I only had a few chances to work with him because being a full time photographer, he's busy taking pictures of clients. And you know who to call if you're in need of a good photographer for anything! Contact him ok ^.^ He takes amazing shots!

I really want to bring him to everywhere I travel. Because I believe my OOTD pictures would look amazing when I am with him haha. I am the queen of selfie only, not ootd lol
Anyway, I miss traveling, Japan to be exact :"( 
I have been planning with some friends to have our holiday there, but we're waiting for travel fair too lol

I guess I have been lazy for changing my face make up routine, my facial products are pretty much the same from around the last 1 year. I still havent tried new face products for so long. I need a good recommendation for face products, any suggestion?

Products used : 

Illamasqua Hydrating Primer
Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation
NARS Loose Powder in Flesh
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Dark Brown
Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow 05 City Khaki
NYX Curve Eyeliner
Ardell Glamour Eyelash
Lancome Gloss in Love in Pink Pampille
The Balm Bahama Mama

Soooo Soooo happy with my nose bridge on this picture OMG
Ariel really knows how to find my angle (T_T) and also thanks to my surgery HAHAHA, no more photoshop on the nose

Anyway, besides doing photoshoot and such, I have been indulged by watching more Biblical movies. Recently I followed A.D The Bible Continues and I watched God's not Dead through a friend's recommendation. There's always something enchanting when I watched biblical movies. Maybe it's the story, maybe it's the setting, maybe it's the clothes, maybe it's the meaning behind it. 

Also I am following Algernon ni Hanatabo wo, a Japanese Science-Fiction Drama featuring Yamapi. This is the first time I watched a J-Drama without subtitle because the subber took quite long subbing it [not like I complained, they have life and they are doing it for free]. So because I couldnt wait, I stupidly just watch it along and SURPRISINGLY guess what

I UNDERSTOOD O.O Like 70% of it
At that time I was patting my own back and said, well done Stella
I never really studied Japanese, I did some study for 2 months on my own through a book and then lost my will wtf. So I only studied by, I dont know. . LOL

And so I was sooo surprised that I understood like 70% of the drama and even I'm on my 7th episode XD I want to continue it but I am busy watching biblical stuffs at the moment so maybe I'll continue once A.D. finished. I dont know if it's maybe the story that is easy to understand or the sentences used are pretty simple, or maybe I am getting smarter lol
Overall it motivates me to study harder in Japanese but unfortunately everyone keeps saying that my english is getting worse (.__.)

I really respect anyone that can speak fluently in many languages. When I was fluent in English back then, my Bahasa is very bad. And as I studied Mandarin, my english was getting worse. And now as I improved myself in Japanese, my english and mandarin are totally forgotten T___T
I really need to train my brain more lol

Beautiful cape dress by : dongengan

Anyway, it's gonna be a busy busy week. I have so many events and appointments especially this weekend. It's the middle of the year so I guess that explains why it has many things coming up. Jakarta's birthday, summer holiday, kids' school holiday, lebaran, and so on.
Talking about holiday, do you have any plan for your holiday this year? ^^

See you guys on my next post!

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