Nami Island 남이섬 종합휴양지

June 01, 2015

Following my last trip to South Korea, mom and I basically stayed only at Seoul and wandered around. I told her that I would like to do this and that but due to my inability for doing hard activities after surgery, we only went for sightseeings. Mom loves Korean Drama a lot and she adores Winter Sonata the most like any other elder women lol So when I asked her to go to Nami Island, she immediately said yes! We took train first to Nami nearest station and followed by Taxi to reach the boarding area. 8000 Won per person if you're a tourist and show your passport including a return fery ticket

Mom & I

We were there at the first week of March and most of the snow had gone already, leaving us with only painful chilly weather that Indonesian-born human would not dare to walk

They said if it was snowing, it would be less cold though

The beautiful and famous road of Winter Sonata looks dry on that day
Yet it is still clean and there are many spots to take pictures

Most of the scenery pictures are mom's, I had none because I was self-conscious with my swollen face lol So you'll only see a little piece of our adventure
Best way to enjoy it? Come here ^.^ 

So far I really love Nami, mom and I would love to come back!

It's so soft and melts inside my mouth. I had difficulty when eating due to my jaw surgery but it just melts inside my mouth. The filling is red bean and not too sweet, and oh boy, how can you resist a hot bun in a cold weather?

We just cant get enough of Korean BBQ
I cut the meat into super fine slices so I can just gulp it down without chewing it 
That's how bad I wanted to eat

Not being able to eat a lot of foods when traveling is a torture

Some souvenirs sold at the stores

It was raining 1 hour after we explored the area and so we left earlier and didnt walk around much
We believe that during the peak of winter, this island would be amazing so we would love to come back and take more pictures

Next time, with my decent face lol

Thank you South Korea for being awesome
Would love to bring my mom to somewhere else next time, so she can take care of me upppss lol

See you guys on my next post!

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