Jakarnaval 2015

June 08, 2015

As much as I love Japan, I still prefer my own city Jakarta, and that's why I still live and work here and this is not just a sweet-talk. I was born here 22 years ago and lived most of my life here. I know how glamorous the city is and sometimes most of us are drown in the metropolitan lifestyle and forget, that Jakarta is in fact rich in history. The cultures all over Indonesia and the world blend in Jakarta, and there's no other best way to celebrate our main city besides during its birthday's

I was invited by Jakarta's Tourism to have fun on the parade and this cant be more exciting as I was there with Michelle 
The event took place at National Monument on 7th June 2015 Sunday and it had started from 12 p.m by singers and bands performances although the parade started from 3 p.m

We got the media pass and couldnt be more grateful to Jakarta's Tourism because we were allowed to take pictures of Parade from up close, and even along with the parade
Ah the privilege of being a blogger~

Otherwise we wouldnt be able to get all the shots due to thousands of people coming to watch the party

Since it's an outdoor event and Jakarta's unbeatably HOT, I only wear a loose white T-Shirt along with short pants and flat shoes. A backpack to go and a sunglass to complete the look. I tied my hair up as the time went by because the weather was getting hotter and hotter

I made sure to put a lot of sunblocks all over my face and body, and I only had minimal make up consisting of loose powder, eyebrow, some eyeliner and a lipstick

As the parade started, I was in awe of their amazing performance. Not only they came with amazing colorful costumes, they also performed on the main area with some breathtaking dance moves

Michelle and I were so excited to be a part of this event! 

There were 35 communities, 22 parade rides from many companies, 488 Street Art Performances, marching bands, and dozens of artists and musicians to brighten up this event. The even started at National Monument which is Jakarta's landmark and they walked along Medan Merdeka Street, passed Sarinah, and till their last stop, the famous Bunderan HI

The name stays true to its title, "Jakarnaval" which is a blend of Jakarta and Carnaval
I have never really experienced a Carnaval in my own city as I am not an outdoor person, but Jakarta's level of Carnaval is so high and I am amazed why I have never looked at it this way before?

The performance is very top notch, the costume is very beautiful, the music is very cheerful. All the pictures I took turns to be so beautiful because everything is magical here!
How I wish that everyone both local and international could participate along with me and Michelle in this festive moment

I mean, look at all the pictures . . 

Not only it features Jakarta's culture, but it also promotes other indonesia's area culture. From Sumatra, Sulawesi, to even Papua. It is truly a great event to experience and treasure our rich cultures and I agree that this kind of event should be celebrated more to promote our culture. Moreover, we need to publish it to the world!

Please please, I hope there's more opportunities for me as a blogger to help promoting my own culture too. I fell in love again with Indonesia

Look at that cute Topeng Monyet Kids that were about to have performance
How I missed it. They featured Kuda Lumping, Ondel-Ondel, and other activities during the day. It's something that I only watched when I was kids so I was pretty happy to see it again on this age

They also did parade show of cars from decades ago, including car that was used by our first president, Soekarno, when ruling our country
All the cars are polished nicely and still works well

The event was attended by many politicians, including Jakarta's Governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama and Vice Governor. Moreover I am a big big fan of our current Governor and President, I have a lot of hopes toward them, I believe our country and city will be led to a better future through them

Was so happy to have opportunity to attend the same event with him

Michelle and I were tired from all the pictures-taking so we decided to sit during the rest of performances and enjoyed the parade.
We hope to be invited again next year as it is such a wonderful event! In case you havent known about it or havent visited it, come down to Jakarta to enjoy the lovely day! This is a great chance for you to experience what Jakarta can offer besides their big malls and cafes

Next year, come and join us!

See you guys on my next post!

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