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June 12, 2015

So, summer is coming and that means holiday season for all of us. Either it is summer holiday, or end of year school's holiday, or Lebaran's holiday. Indonesia has summer all year along so everytime I hear about summer, I mostly only think of kenaikan kelas holiday lol 

I wonder how people abroad experience summer, how high their anticipation is to see the sun coming back. They would be going to beach or summer camp, and just bathe under the warm sunlight. 

Top & Skort : Cloth Inc
Shoes : Andrew
Photos by : Ariel

As for this summer my family still has no idea to go anywhere. Usually we prefer to stay in Jakarta during Lebaran as this year lebaran is within summer holiday, because Jakarta is so quiet and no traffic at all during those days. We had tried going overseas or just out of city few years back, but I hate how the price is super expensive during this time, and how packed it is

Being someone who have privilege of holiday during low season, traveling on high season is not my virtue

Anywayyy~ Recently I have been using this new type of mask called Membranous Jelly Masque from ePure. For summer season or anyone who cant stand heat and want to find some breeze on the face, I really recommend this one! It is very popular in Malaysia, SG, HK, etc and finally available in Indonesia!

The texture is very unique as it comes in transparent thick gel. It is not watery at all I spread it all over my face easily with their spatula. What I LOVE the most is how it gives me very cooling and refreshing effect when I was wearing it, and I didn't event put it on the fridge yet. I got the sheet type though there's a jar type. The sheet type consists of 30 ml and although I could say that it is enough for 2 usages, I decided to just use everything on my face for a better result as my skin was super dry

Above is their ingredients and benefits of using this mask. I am not a doctor or dermatologist, but I know something amazing would always be made through Hyaluronic Acid and Alpha Arbutin as most of Jap skin cares are containing those stuffs too ^.^

Just apply thick layer of mask all over your face, I recommend using spatula to make the process easier

After using the mask, I could tell that my skin feels very very hydrated and bouncier! And I would say that the result is one of the best among any other masks I have ever tried. Maybe it is because of the thick gel texture or maybe it is the ingredients, I am not sure. My skin is super dry cos I often stay at air conditioner room [Indonesia is hot, what do you expect] and therefore I love when a mask can boost my skin to its hydrated level

I feel that it is slightly more elastic and firmer too ^.^ 

However I think rinsing it off is quite a mess because it stays on my face too perfectly, making it difficult to remove just by water. I decided to use spatula provided to shove it off entirely in the end

You can find out and order from their contact information below =

BB : 524D83F3  |   Whatsapp : 0878-384-95633
Email : epure.id@gmail.com   |   Facebook Epure Indonesia 

Back to the topic
When I was young I would always want to have dry skin because I had very oily skin [which could produce nice $$$ if I could sell it lol] but now as I age T________T FML

Ok lemme say again, as I age, my oil is leaving me behind and now I am stuck with this horrible dry skin that makes make up application much more tricky. If you have oily skin, you could just always touch it up with powder but with dry skin, we can have our foundation crack anytime anywhere!

Thats why I really recommend to moisturize moisturize moisturize, mask is one of the instant boosts that I always do weekly. Everytime I go overseas, I would always buy masks for stocks!
Also before any big photoshoot, I would always wear mask for 30 minutes before I apply my make up so the make up stays better

Ah the pain of beauty~

Anyway a lot of people said during summer, they prefer to have lighter hair color. As for me, I am planning to do something different with my hair. Just wait XDDDD

Anyway as you can see from these pictures, my face is getting subtler. The nose is getting more and more natural and I often forgot that I had a nose and chin job wtf. Until I was driving and sang too much [my habit when I was alone wtf] then I felt my jaw was getting numb and couldnt be opened too big. Then I was like "SHIT I AM STILL IN RECOVERY!!!"


Imagine how scared I was!!!

Worst thing is I haven't extract my blackhead for 3 months or so. Do you guys have any recommendation of products or DIY or tips to remove blackhead on nose without having to press my nose? 

Also I hardly put thick make up because cleansing it off is still a hassle for me as I dont want to touch my face too much. However I miss wearing thick make up T.T

Anyway, would love to travel to any Island in Indonesia with my friends too this summer. Do you have any recommendation where to go?
Please let me know ^^

See you guys on my next post!

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