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June 15, 2015

Ask my young self what kind of hair that I adored the most? My answer would be a long blonde hair with curl like a princess. I am so glad that I can satisfy my inner childhood dream when I have reached adulthood as I can dye my hair however I want, style it whatever I want. As I have shouted on Instagram too previously that I got a toy that I had wanted for so long and that fulfils one of my beauty wish list, now is the time for me to reveal my baby

Like a kid that gets her doll for Christmas present, being a beauty blogger my daily indulgement is trying new beauty products and better if it's what I want! Look at that curl on me!

But before that, I will share about my eye make up on this post here! 

This time I am using Laneige Pure Radiance Eyeshadow No 5 City Khaki. I cant live with glitter eyeshadows as it gives a life into my eyes. I have too many brown eyeshadows so I decided to grab grey palette to create sultry smokey eyes

Key when using glittery eyeshadow powder is to pat the eyeshadow, not dragging it
Laneige is one of my favorites Korean Beauty Brand and I am majorly in love with their eyeshadow now! First time wearing their eyeshadow and it doesnt fall out, love it!

I created a gradation where it goes darker on the outer edge of my eyes. Applying it layer by layer from the lightest color to the darkest color and blend to soften the color

Next I am using NYX The Curve Liner in Jet Black that I have always wanted to try for a while. The shape makes the application way easier as I can hold onto it better than other eyeliner's. The color is pretty dark and it glides smoothly. However it is not very oily-proof so I'd suggest to relayer it with a black eyeshadow on top of it to set the eyeliner, otherwise it'd smudge

To complete my eye look, I am using Ardell Fashion Lashes in Demi Black. Love how it's quite light and looks glamorous enough without making my eye make up look too heavy

Next I'll talk about the one that I love love the most!!!
I have been eyeing for this product since it came out but there's so many fake stuffs available on online shops. I just recently found out that it's already available in Indonesia and you can get it from their authorized distributors and sellers! 

It is Babyliss Miracurl!!!! 

This is the result of using Babyliss Miracurl
A tight curl with even shape. Something that is difficult for me a nobs to get through a normal curling iron / flat iron

Babyliss Miracurl is the first revolutionary curling iron that automatically does all the work you need. It is made in platinum and comes with glossy black color, and we all know that black is the versatile shade that everyone loves. The shape is very unique as it looks like a Pacman in my opinion lol

They have 3 options regarding Curl Type [Loose - Tight], Heat Type [3 choices], and Direction of Curl [Left, Right, or Automatic]
The red light indicates when it is turned on and off and it has automatic turned off program when it hasnt been used for 20 minutes. Anyway, do you see the head of Miracurl? The circular shape is where you should face it against your head

Babyliss Miracurl is quite bulky and heavy for everyday use, I wish they have it lighter so it is more travel friendly. 

Using Babyliss Miracurl is quite simple. All you have to do is to put the circular side of the head against your head, make sure you place Miracurl horizontally like this. Take small section of hair and place it inside the tool, starting from where you want your curl starts. I want my curl to be quite high so I start from around my ear area

After that, simply press Miracurl and let the machine works. It will EAT your hair like magic and all you need to do after that is just waiting. There will be some beeps indicating that the machine is working, and when it gives repetitive beeps, thats when it's done. You can release the tool and voila, youre done!

After using Babyliss Miracurl, there are some points that I would like to highlight

  1. Using it is not time-saving compared to other curling iron. It is because we can only curl small strands of hairs at one time, which is around 3 cm as it is the capacity that Miracurl can hold. Therefore you need to be patient when using it as you need to curl it one by one. However it makes the process of curling much easier, more fun, and less tiring!
  2. In my experience, the curl that Miracurl produces and the curl that I usually get from a normal curling iron are different. Miracurl gives smaller curl and more into S shape and I think it's like beachy waves too when you make it looser, I find it more like Shakira's hair which I LOVE
  3. Miracurl can only give 1 type of curl, the buttons and effects provided on this tool only lets you decide how tight and how loose you want it to be, and whether you want to curl it inward or outward. You cant really play with your hair using this product as there's only one program provided
  4. You cannot use it when your hair is damp or wet. Not like normal curling iron lets you iron it when it's wet or damp, but Miracurl is more unforgiving compared to those as the heat wont transfer and leaves your hair a sticky feeling afterwards
  5. It distributes heat evenly, and it gives perfect even curl from the top to bottom, something that is difficult to get through the use of curling iron. I dont know why but it stays better and longer than when I use normal curling iron, although I do not use hair spray to keep it. 

All in all though, I really LOVE my curl! 
This is something that I only can get at a professional salon because my curling iron and flat iron cannot give me this kind of curl. It takes longer time for me to get this curl like what I have said, but I have no complaint because the result worth the wait

Also for first time user, this tool can be quite tricky because you have to master the Left or Right or Automatic thing, and you also would need to know how high the temperature you need to create the tightness of curl that you want. However once you've used it a few times, you'll be ready to go! This is pretty easy and efficient once you've grasped the trick 

This is the result of using Babyliss Miracurl

All the products written on this post is sponsored by Luxola
They sell authentic beauty products so worry not that you will get fake products or not getting your products sent to your home

Anyway for first-timer with Luxola, you can have special coupon code to get 15% discount on your first order!

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From now on will curl myself more and more, and don't bother ask me again what is my curling iron and how. Babyliss Miracurl does all the job for me and I have no wish to change it anytime soon

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. Too bad the NYX curve is not smudge-proof :(

    Sylvia's World