Family Getaway to Bandung - Sheraton Bandung Hotel Part 2

January 24, 2016

Hello guys! Sorry for letting you guys waiting for the continuation of my Bandung trip with my family last end of year as I am visiting Japan for a couple of weeks. I couldn't even really check my mails as there are almost hundreds of it O_O; 
When I was in Jakarta, the mails weren't piling up like this, idk why lol

So anyway!! On second day we decided to chill more and so I only ate things that I wanted. Mostly desserts though haha

Feast at Sheraton doesn't upset me, the morning breakfast is lovely and wide in selections. We hardly could believe that it's all included in the room fee because it's so affordable and good for family who has big stomach XD We ate our simple lunch here as well before exploring Bandung, simply because why not?

After a few hours strolling around rainy Bandung, we decided to come back earlier to take advantage of Tower Room privileges where we have free access to Cocktail Hour at Tower Lounge!! Which is one of the most beautiful area in this hotel!!

The ceiling is so high and the interior is so exclusive, I LOVE it so much! 

Besides, they have the amazing cheese platter, a lot of light meals and snacks, and of course dessert!

Besides wide selections of teas and coffees, they also offer UNLIMITED access to alcohol such as Gin and Vodka and I was like OMGGGGG

But I was restricting myself to alcohol at that moment so... ToT

They also provide one of the best and freshest milk I've ever had in Indonesia, beautifully packaged in a cute little jar of bottle. I'd die to come back only to drink the milk. PLEASE PLEASE if you come to Sheraton, try the milk
My whole family agrees it's so good that each of us maybe drank like 5 bottles [gak mau rugi] but it's just TOOOOO GOOODDD

I am not a fan of pure milk, as I usually drink flavored one, but this white milk is so good! Comparable to Hokkaido milk perhaps. Truly recommended haha

And what's holiday in Indonesia without privilege of massage?

Mom and I booked a 1,5 hour massage at Shine Spa as we both love massage, while my bro and dad watched TV in the room

Even celebs like Luna Maya came here!

After a relaxing massage, we head for a late dinner

A lot of Indonesian foods are available in here. Though not in picture, I recommend their siomay bandung!

I love how they cater up my diet well, they have a whole wheat tortilla with turkey breast, something that's less calorie and filling, yet healthy!

I also asked for some garlic asparagus for more veggies. I love how restaurants offer healthy foods in their menu as I am more self-conscious about what I ate these days

We slept well after an amazing dinner, and the next morning it's time for us to go back home!

I would definitely come back for the third time, fourth time, and so on
I truly enjoy my experience staying at this hotel and now as I experience Japan hotel which is cramped, small, and no breakfast, I miss the hospitality that Sheraton Bandung offered to me a few weeks ago T______T

If you guys are interested, please check out Sheraton Bandung homepage ^^
If you ever stay there, do let me know your experience and I hope you guys would love it as much as I do !

See you guys on my next post!

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  1. The picture is good, the place is precision beside my house. Bandung is impressive