Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength

January 13, 2016

Everyday our skin faces many things that can make it losing the moisture. Things like air conditioner, pollution, outdoor activities and so on are very common for us. To combat against it, we need to protect our skin as well by using moisturizer, most importantly on our knees, elbow, hand, and feet. One of top of minds for skincare product in the market is Vaseline, and they just recently launched their new variant, Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength

I was told that it can help repairing dry skin in 5 days!!

Since young, I have been trusting my body care with Vaseline. It's affordable but it works well for me. Vaseline has been around since 1870 and all started with its wonder jelly that protects body from ANYTHING, such as chapped lips, sun burnt, blister, and so on. I am sure some have heard about Petroleum Jelly that's amazing and is the main ingredient for Vaseline product. It's very versatile and works wonderful. Vaseline doesn't only coat our skin with its product but it also has repairing effect as well

I apply generous amount after shower to keep the moisture into my body. The scent is light and the texture is richer than normal Vaseline. It's absorbed fast and not sticky

I tried the skin test to check whether it really helps my skin moistened or not by using the patch sticker given to me 

The before and after!!
The first pic is before I apply Vaseline, it shows how dry and cracked my skin was. However on the second picture, it's totally black and moist, telling me that it's a correct thing to do to believe in Vaseline! :O

My skin feels moist and smooth after usage
I have been using it for almost a week, I put it all over my body after shower. Especially I always take a shower using hot water, I lack of all the moisture and Vaseline is here to help restoring my skin back

It's available in 3 sizes and available in any drugstore or supermarket near your place!

So far I love and recommend it! It's affordable, easily purchased, and works wonderful. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to try this product! :D
This will definitely be into regular body care routine

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