Update from Japan 2016

January 26, 2016


As I had blogged before that I was opening up seats for Kawaii Tour with readers in Japan, in total I accepted 18 persons to join with me in January 2016. In fact there are more inquiries after that but in the end I decided to keep it minimum as I was afraid people would get lost in the train LOL

As it was 20 people, along with me and mom, and it's first time, so I want to ensure the best first
I had received many mails asking me to do the next one, and I am happy to cater the demand but please let me rest for a moment first XD

I am doing this Kawaii Tour not for money as it's not my main income. Sure I do get small fee for it but the smiles I saw when everyone's happy in Japan pays for all the hard works. It's a tough job and I really admire tour leaders now lol

Esp it's a one man show and I only do it for fun, so yea, there will be the second or third one but I need to prioritize my job in Jakarta first. I will do it as a side job for fun and a great way to associate with my readers, so be sure to always follow me on my social media and blog as I will always update you guys ^^

Anyway for the first night, I brought them to eat Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki, including real Yakisoba as well at Harajuku named Sakura Tei. On the first day it's all shopping day so there werent many pictures. I am trying to compile the whole trip into a video. 

Do you guys know that all Sakura Tei used vegetables from Aomori, Tohoku?
I just knew it a week before I visited it with my readers. I had visited it years ago with NHK Kawaii International and it's soooo good, hence I brought everyone here again

Until when I was about to depart to Tokyo, a colleague of mine mentioned about it!

And best part is, I guess almost everyone in my tour said that Sakura Tei is one of the best restaurants they visited in Tokyo as it's just toooo good to be true. They'd never eat Okonomiyaki the same way again XD

Now I am interested to visit Tohoku more and more on my next trip, because I want to taste the vegetables from Tohoku!

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For those of you who dont know what it is, I blogged about it before

See you guys on my next post!

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