Starry Light False Eyelashes Series

January 09, 2016

After monthssssss, a lot of delays and progress, and so much money invested in this project. I proudly present to you another product from my Brand, Starry Light. It's an extension product and yes, an eyelashes!

So many of you asked whether I was planning to make eyelashes next or not, and well yeah.. I was hesitant at first because I told many people before that making eyelashes requires a big amount of money as I need to buy A LOT. So it's a huge risk and a huge investment T_T;

But with all the support, I manage to kick out the chicken me and come up with this line

What makes my eyelashes different than the others?
Well, frankly speaking, I choose to get most of the lashes in a mixture of styles to combine more natural effect that blends more beautifully with your eyes
Most of eyelashes in market only has one style available per lashes, and I won't mention any as MOST of it are like that. They use 1 style for one strip of lash, but for me, I combine 2 or 3 lashes at one strip. Once you try it, you'll know how it blends better on your lashes! 

Where's it made from?
It's made in Indonesia, in a city far away from Jakarta, there's the factory. I do not own the factory but I ordered one from one of the best in the market. My factory also produces Shu Uemura, MAC, Katy Perry, Make Up For Ever eyelashes and so on. You have the same quality like those international brands! :)

Do you know that Indonesia is known internationally for making one amazing eyelashes? And also, let's support local business! 

What is it made from?
It's all synthetic lashes, not human hair. First, some people find it gross to have real human hair for the eyelashes and I think some people are not allowed to either. Second, synthetic holds the shape BETTER than human, means it will stay that way longer. If you use real human hair, it's too delicate and will lose the shape faster
Most of Japanese eyelashes in the market, which I was inspired by, are also synthetic

It is by no means, cheaper or worse than human hair. TBH, I even got it pricier because the quality is superb, so ^^; 


Wtihout further ado, here are the 5 lashes available so far


Sagitta is the most natural eyelashes in this series. On the inner corner, I have thin lashes and start from the middle end, I have thicker lashes to give a boost as well on your lashes. However to keep it natural, the boost will be thicker on the middle and shorter on the outer to make it natural! The finished look is soooo natural, especially it is clear band. I feel the result is similar to eyelash extension

Want something more sexy in natural way? Why dont you try Andromeda. With similar features of Sagitta (combining 2 styles), but thicker and slightly longer, Andromeda can give a natural wink through it's longer lashes on the outer corner. I know some make up look needs to have sexy or sultry lashes that has longer lashes on the outer, but I manage to tone it down and keep it natural even for everyday look. It has clear band for natural look


My most recommended lashes for photoshoot or dolly look is Cassiopeia. In here I have the lashes into 3 separate part, inner corner with natural lash, thicker in the middle to give a dolly eye effect, and a thinner but longer lashes in the outer corner
I have the middle thickest as it would give illusion of bigger eyes, inspired by Japanese eyelashes. For the outer part if it's too much, you can cut it. However if you want a wider eye, you can leave it be to get those dolly eyes look. It is also made with clear band


Bottom lashes for you? I got your eyes covered. The lashes is made in amazing natural lash with clear band. I would recommend this to match it with Cassiopeia for a more boost on your lashes . I know a lot of asian dont really have thick lower lashes so try this on your rescue. 


Last but not least is the only one without clear band in this series, as some would like to have black band to go along with the eyeliner. This is like a shorter version of Cassiopeia where I separate the lashes into 3 parts, however it's more spiky and shorter in length. 

Below is the picture of all the lashes so you can see the comparison of each lashes. They are different in length, thickness, and styles




Cassiopeia + Corvus

Orion + Corvus


A pair of eyelashes is Rp 35.000, and it is re-usable as long as you take care of it well. I'd say approximately 10 times usage?

Does it include Glue?
It doesn't include mini eyelash glue because usually the glue wont be good enough either, so I dont think I need to put anything that I dont trust in my product. I recommend using Duo Eyelash Glue or DUP Eyelash

Where to buy it?
0857-1431-9733 for SMS or Whatsapp, 7387D1A5 for BBM
starrylight_id for LINE
Starry Light --> Instagram Page

Reseller Price?
We offer reseller price as well for anyone who wish to resell our products, please contact our customer service to do so

See you guys on my next post!

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