Kick A Start in 2016

January 08, 2016

Happy Bealted New Year to you guys!!

I am so sorry that I was MIA because I was chasing after my production team of my false eyelashes. YES IT IS READY but still in limited quantity, we're still chasing after it. Simply because the printing factory is such a wtf one as they keep delaying one day, one day, one day. Until I got super mad . . . 

Anyway, things would be more challenging in 2016 as in 2015 I basically was such a loser wtf

In fact, more than half of the year was done in emo mood. Basically I was in horrible mood and depression, and I mostly complained about life toward friends. 
Therefore I stopped using social media a lot. I left my phone a lot and hardly meet people and just busy playing with dog
I was such a bitch because I couldnt see people happy either. Because I feel miserable and I didnt know the reason

I want to be honest here with you guys
In 2015, I lost my passion in blogging. I lost my passion using Social Media as well
I rejected many offers, I stopped making a lot of beauty review
In fact, I even want to stop doing internet things because I am simply bored of it for no reason
 It's maybe as I had no more goal to achieve and it's stuck, like I dont know what else to do. I've been there, done that

I have fulfilled my dream to visit Japan, many many times. I have had my nose surgery. I have met my legend, HYDE, and other famous Japanese celebs through my job. Until one point I asked again, what else?

I mentioned before that I am not a competitive person. I compete against myself, not with other people. I was fighting against my worst enemy, which is ME, for this whole year
I was MIA quite a lot and even thought to run away to any country, and start a new. This year I'm quite depressed I think

When I said about it to my friends, they mostly feel there's nothing to not feel unhappy about as I have freedom, time, and money. It's quite difficult to find somebody that understands this, but if you've been in any position, where you've achieved most of your goals and nothing left to pursue, do you know that emptiness?

Thats why I was trying to fill myself with offline activities and mostly church + gym. I wasnt really trying to climb back in career as well as it's not the goal in life..

So for me, I will really work hard to find what's my purpose in life, what I still have to achieve, and what I will do in 2016
Thanks to 2015, I thought a lot, I discussed a lot, I meditated a lot, I prayed a lot

Which hopefully I'll be shown the path to do what I ought to do in this year

OK Back to work now, I have to many jobs to do, and dont forget to visit Starry Light Instagram Page to check my false eyelashes collection. I will be back with separate post for it, for now, so long ^^

See you guys on my next post!

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