Betadine Feminine Hygiene

November 25, 2016

Let me talk about something secretive with you as fellow women. We all need hygienic approved medicine for our V, and thank Betadine that it's available for our rescue. Betadine has always been around ever since I could remember. It's every family's staple medicine in case you got wound from hurting yourself. I never know anyone who doesn't know Betadine

Apparently, my mom has taught me to use another product from Betadine for my private part and it's Betadine Feminine Hygiene. So many Indonesian women prefer to use traditional way to wash their V, but during menstruation, your normal soap wont be enough to thoroughly cleanse your part and it might give infection or bacteria because during menstruation period, it is the time for greatest bacteria contamination o.o

This occurs for two reasons

1. When the mucus barrier in the cervix is lost during menses, the bacteria that live in the cervical canal and vagina may gain access to the uterus and upper genital tract

2. Through observations in laparoscopy, we know that 90 percent of women with normal, unobstructed Fallopian tubes have retrograde menstruation. That is, menstrual blood and debris are flushed upward into the tubes and pelvic cavity, as well as down into the vagina. This two-directional menstrual flow provides another mechanism for bacteria to pass from the lower genital tract into the Fallopian tubes. This may explain why symptoms of upper genital tract infection often appear shortly after menstruation.

Betadine Feminine Hygiene consists of Povidone-Iodine 10% that is proven to kill bacteria that causes irritation, itchy, bad smell, and so on. It can be used twice a day when you're showering during your menstruation period. Simply mix 1 bottle cup of Betadine Feminine Hygiene with 1 litre water and wash your area thoroughly with it

It is not recommended to use it everyday, you should only use it during your menstruation or when you're having problem with your private part

A lot of people are afraid to use it, but what will become a problem is the product that you use everyday as it will damage your private part. Thats why I assure you to pick your product well and only use it when needed

It is really affordable and only around 25.000 IDR (2$) at your nearest drugstore. I have used it when needed and so far I am trusting no other brand for my private part
I hope the information is helpful for you and hope you could try it out as well
See you guys again on my next post!

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