Smartphone for Selfie Lovers - Vivo Y55 Screen Flash

November 05, 2016

Recently I tried a phone that's made news in the market for having screen flash, which means your front camera will have flash to ensure your selfie stay sharp and clear. Finally the technology is here! I always hate how only back camera that has flash option but most of the time, us women, we use front camera lol 

Behold, it is Vivo Y55
The camera has many other features which you can take a look from the website, link is clickable above ^.^
Because I am going to talk from my perspective as a women who loves taking selfie. I might be not the master of gadget but trust me that I am master of selfie haha

For the screen flash feature, you're entitled for no flash, flash, and automatic option on your front camera. You can clearly see the icon of flash on the phone screen, which you can activate it like your front camera

It also has beautifying effect from 1 - 100 level but I stick with 50 at most because I still want to make sure it's not too fake
I am surprised of the quality for the selfie because it can make my face so smooth and small while maintaining its crisp sharp image as you can see below

Left side : without screen flash, Right side : with flash

As you can see that the quality is already good without the flash but the cafe I was in was kinda dark and has yellow light, when I use flash, the color becomes a little neutral and brighter

This phone doesn't fail me :D

I am pretty pleased with the results given and if you're looking for a phone specialized in selfie, you might want to try this one!
Thank you Vivo for letting me to try your product, I am sure it will be a hit among women :D

For further information, you can also visit Vivo on :


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