Babalah Powder Sunscreen

October 28, 2016

Recently a lot of interesting beauty brands have entered Indonesia market and I am overwhelmed where to start first, which I am sure you too lol 
Anyway, I have used this powder for 1-2 months and it's sent to me as a review purpose. I haven't really used Thailand Cosmetics but I have a few Thailand Beauty Blogger friends and their aesthetic sense is really high o.o 

Also one of my favorite make up gurus comes from Thailand, none other than Pearypie! Her make up skill is too good to be true and her skin is flawless. Annndddd... Pearypie also supports Babalah!!

More pics of Pearypie X Babalah HERE

I heard Babalah is very famous among Thailand popular artists. It's made of thin silicone powder that completely covers your skin and make you look great all day long. It's 100% water and sunlight repellent and leaves your skin without any stain and pale. 

It comes in a colorful purple packaging box but the powder packaging itself is in black shade. It comes with a soft puff altogether and the logo is printed on the powder as well. There's no strong smell and all the description is written in Thailand

At first I was underestimating this powder because I am pretty skeptical, however turns out the product itself gives my face photoshopped look! It makes my skin flawless and soft, and though it has pretty good coverage, my skin doesn't feel cakey at all. Additional information, it helps smoothening out my pores and mattifying my face as well *____*

I have also made a youtube video, mentioning my review in Bahasa. And also shows the before and after using the product. Head over there for more informations ^^

You can also visit Babalah Instagram HERE

That's all for now! I hope you guys are having a great time!
I am busy preparing my next trip, and it's not a surprise that I am going to Japan again after all next week lol 

This time I'll be staying for almost a month, and my family will join me for 1-2 weeks!
I am busy finishing all of my jobs before I leave, haha. And taking care of such a big family for holiday requires a lot of preparation. After all I want it to be perfect and everyone can enjoy their short vacation :) 

So see you guys again on my next post!

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