Kylie Lip Kit Swatch

October 27, 2016

I think Kylie has made herself into a household name in beauty industry like her older sister, Kim. All she touches becomes gold lol

So I am one of those who wanted these so bad but unfortunately it doesn't ship to Indonesia. So I contacted Miyake and asked whether I could lend her address in Singapore lol And yes I flied down there just to get these babies

I am such a dedicated blogger, this is the extent I want to do for beauty sake lol

Anyway here's the lip kit swatch video. I only managed to get 9 colors but hopefully it helps you having picture of what color suits you best

I am medium in NC25

Anyway finished the review, and I'd like to resell it. Just to cover enough with the basic + my flight to SG lol In case anyone wants it, mail me at

The price for the BNIB can reach to 800k so I think mine is pretty reasonable

See you guys again on my next post!

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