3 Reasons Why You Need Eyelash Extension

October 10, 2016

Hello everyone! I recently use eyelash extension again before my birthday and this is my 3rd / 4th time using eyelash extension because I am a fan of false eyelashes. Besides my mom always scared me out about her friend's experience that got her eyes poked by her beautician before

However so far I have never had any injuries and I would like to share with you 3 reasons why you need eyelash extension

1. You Wake Up Naturally Pretty
This is the main reason for people who want to have eyelash extension, because you can stop using mascara or fake lashes. Sometimes some extension also come up with eyeliner effect which means you get combo for not having to line your eyes and put mascara on. You can just wake up and wash your face and apply a light lip tint and powder, and you're ready to go

2. Long Lasting Eye Make Up
Sometimes fake lashes might fall off, while the mascara might be smudged and your eyeliner melts due to humidity and sweat and any other factors. But considering that your eye make up is semi permanent, worry not about this matter considering that it will stay all day long. You dont have to keep checking mirror to see whether you've gotta fix your eye make up since it's guaranteed to stay there perfectly

3. Newbie Friendly
For those who is newbie on make up, and don't like or can not put make up on but still want to be gorgeous, having someone to do eyelash extension that helps beautifying yourself on daily basis might be a good idea. Not much effort and skill needed besides paying the beautician to show the magic on you. Moreover, some people might have short and sparse lashes that wont be visible through only mascara, and I do understand some people can't even put fake eyelashes on. Which means, eyelash extension will be your best friend in need

These are top 3 reasons of why people need eyelash extension, and if you tick all the reasons above on your request, I suggest that you try having eyelash extension on you
A thought of having your eyes naturally pretty everyday everytime without much effort and skill needed sounds so good to be true. However when there are perks, there are some catches

I also blogged about 5 Reasons Why Eyelash Extension Might Not Be For You, so check it out!

Have you ever had eyelash extension? What's your reason as well?
Let me know on comment below, and see you again on next post!

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