Stella Lee's Top 3 Japanese Hair Oil

October 07, 2016

Hair oil is one of the most essential hair products in my beauty regime simply because it helps restoring my damaged hair to its natural texture. As you guys know, I have bleached my hair since I was 13/14 years old, and I constantly torture my hair. I dont think I have met anyone who has been damaging their hair as much as I do, so I am always searching for the best of the best hair products

No human has ever encountered me that don't know how much love I have towards Japan, especially their beauty industry. I trust my hair to be done by Japanese with Japanese products most of the time, because they know asian hair texture better in my opinion lol

So after years of struggle, I am sharing my Top 3 Japanese Hair Oil

Those 3 are from Essential, Milbon, and Lucido-L

While both Essential and Lucido L can be purchased easily and DonKi or Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Japanese Drugstores) in all over Japan, Milbon is salon-based product that is used by professional. It's probably similar to L'Oreal Professional at Indonesia Salon. You can only buy it if you visit salon that works together with them

Price for these 3 hair oils vary : 

Milbon Elujuda (120gr) : 2730 yen
Essential CC Oil (60ml) : 694 yen
Lucido L Argan Rich Oil (60ml) : 1296 yen

Essential is the cheapest, while Milbon is the most expensive if you count with the same 60ml of Milbon Hair Oil, it's 1365 yen. Considering it's professional product, the price is understandable. But Lucido L that has rank of no 1 Drugstore Hair Oil from COSME is around similar price. 

While Essential and Milbon comes in plastic bottle which is travel friendly, Lucido L comes in glass bottle that scream luxurious even for a drugstore product, however the glass is so heavy and fragile which means I wont be able to use it for travel

The scent for Milbon Elujuda is just like any regular salon hair products, you know what I mean? While for Essential and Lucido-L, the scent is somewhat a mixture of floral and herbs that's so relaxing

 The texture for 3 hair oils is only slightly different and if you're not an oil expert you might not know the difference. Essential, being the cheapest, delivers the stickiest and the less smooth result. For Milbon Elujuda and Lucido L, it's hard to decide which one is the best because these two deliver great performances. It helps my hair smoother, shinier, easier to comb, straighter, and healthier. Meanwhile the price is also not too different, so it's just a matter of accessibility to obtain the product

But if you dont have hair that's as damaged as mine and don't want to splurge too much just for a hair oil, Essential is my recommendation

You can get Milbon in Indonesia as Milbon has entered Indonesia market, you can get the products only at salon collaborated with Milbon (Mostly Japanese SALON) and unfortunately though Lucido-L has entered Indonesia as well, I havent seen the Argan Oil around

Please please let it enter here!
For Essential, you can either purchase it from Singapore or Tokyo directly, whether through an online shopping service, or when you're having holiday over there. The same can be done for Lucido-L

I hope this answers any curiosity of what hair oils I use and I pray that this recommendation list would be helpful if any of you is wondering what hair oil to buy! ^^

See you guys again on my next post! 

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