100 Seconds of Kanebo Lunasol Stain Color Lips

October 05, 2016


I am back with a lip swatch for you guys, this time featuring Kanebo Lunasol Stain Color Lips! Inspired by 100 Years of Make Up, I am doing 100 Seconds of . .  any swatch lol
Which means it will be around 1,5 mins for the whole video, so it wont take much of your time!

Just click the video there to watch it <3

Honestly speaking, Kanebo Lunasol Stain Color Lips has been my favorite. I mostly use pink (3 first shades) because it's so Japanese looking!!! 

Not only it's super moisturizing, but it's buttery smooth! The color might look only slightly different but in fact it compliments each skin shade pretty well once you get the best shade

Also it's matte finish but not like western matte but more into asian matte, which still has a little bit of moisture and healthy finish, though not glossy

You just have to try it by yourself, maybe you can test it at the counter first and if you dont like it, you can just run HAHAHA (though im sure youll like it ^^)

So anyway, thanks for watching and reading my blog as always
Words cannot express how much I adore every single reader who still reads my blog, so VIRTUAL HUGGGGGGG from Jakarta muahhhh

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