Autumn Make Up Tutorial - KYLIE JENNER INSPIRED

October 13, 2016

I haven't made a new tutorial for a while and my make up has changed into more western look instead of usually Dolly Kawaii look. So I am making my recently most used make up look into tutorial, which is still pretty simple to follow. I normally use a few eyeshadows to create smokey effect but I want to make it easily applicable by everyone, hence I only use one shade for the tutorial :) 

The point for the make up look is, no aegyo sal to create cute effect, and the use of matte burgundy shade for autumn season, and strong eyebrow. Not to forget the use of nude lipstick that's so American

A lot of people really like my recent make up look and said I look so mature lol I do believe that this make up look is so great on pictures but wearing it for daily basis is not my cup of tea. I am not a fan of thick make up for everyday as I like to let my skin breath, but a change once in a while is not a bad thing right?

Which one you prefer? Japanese or Western make up look?

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