Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Cheese Cake

October 24, 2016

I am a fanatic of everything labeled "Japan". Because I have been there too many times, I understand the high quality of their ingredients, efforts, and skills that's given to produce top result. I am not a fan of cheese cake but I always surrender if it is japanese cheese cake because it's not too rich and not too sweet, the flavor is my preference :D

So when I was invited to try the new Japanese Cheese Cake Shop in town, I couldn't say no! 

It is Fuwa Fuwa (ふわふわ)that can be described as the sound made when you have something fluffy. In japan if you want to express something is so soft and fluffy, they use fuwafuwa to describe it. Fuwa Fuwa wants to provide the fluffiest cheesecake in town hence they borrow the name ^.^

The place is located at :

Elang Laut Boulevard Blok C NO 36
Jalan Pantai Indah Selatan

 You can simply take highway and get out at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) 
It is located right on the main street so should be easy to access 

The shop is only a takeaway shop, so you can't dine in there. It's a cute little shop that really reminds me of a Japanese shop in Tokyo!

They also have Ema and it's so cute!! Really good spot for picture taking area :D  

Feels like in Japan yet?

My casual OOTD that surprisingly matches with the shop? lol

Fuwa Fuwa owner mentioned that all of their ingredients are imported from Japan, the recipe and technique also follows Japan's standard! Instead of conventional American cheese cake, they steam it so it has more moisture! 

Pressed with the cute logo on top of the cake to add the cuteness!

I got to try two flavors which is original and chocolate. The chocolate is pretty rich and has choco chips added that melts altogether inside your mouth. While for the original it has subtle cheese flavor and not too sweet, more like adult-preference. All the cheesecakes offers fuwa-fuwa texture, springy sensation that is unique and airy. Love love!

Before bringing this cake to Indonesia, Fuwa Fuwa team has done a lot of researches and they're proudly mentioning that there's no shop in Indonesia that can offers the fuwa fuwa texture as fluffy as Fuwa Fuwa. 
And I have never tried anything fluffier than theirs for sure
You gotta try it by yourself to prove this

I brought back full size cakes for my parents and they're loving it!
Anyway, the packaging is also so cuteeeee, it's to die for! 

Regular Cheesecake is Rp 100.000 and matcha & chocolate is Rp 120.000 each, which is pretty affordable if I must say!! 

Fuwa Fuwa Cheesecake Elang Laut Branch will be opened at 28th October 2016. Don't forget to follow their social medias as well to know about them further 


See you guys again on my next post ^.^

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