5 Reasons Why Eyelash Extension Might Not Be For You

October 20, 2016

I have blogged about 3 Reasons Why You Need Eyelash Extension before and to let you know the pro and cons better, here I am giving you 5 Reasons Why I Don't Like Eyelash Extension and maybe some of the reasons might be applicable for you

1. Not Time Efficient
Although it's promoted as time efficient beauty routine as you don't have to put on mascara or false eyelashes every morning, but if you count it properly, it doesnt cover the amount of time in total
I usually have my eyelash extension for 2 hours or more because I get the thickest one. And during those 2 hours, I would be totally blind and I could do nothing
Not to forget that you have to come again for a retouch within a week which will be take you another 1 hour, and let's count the travel time as well to the salon. How many hours you've spent?

I put itmy lashes within 2 mins, 1 min for each eye. So it makes the total into 60 mins for 30 days, and it's not like I use it everyday either. At most it would be 15 days, and so I only use 30 mins of my time in a month
Now you can count by yourself is the 2 hours worth it?

2. Gradually Falls Off
It gradually falls off and usually though they say it last for 1 month, half of my lashes are gone within 2 weeks already. Not to mention that as it falls off, the shape becomes uneven and not proper. I also have some of my real lashes fell apart together, so be prepared to lose at least 2 or 3 hairs

3. Expensive
You have to pay for around 400-500.000 IDR (30-40$) per month to maintain the beauty. With the same amount of money, you can buy drugstore mascara for 50-100.000 IDR (3-8$) or high end mascara around 350.000 (30$) that will last you for 3 months straight!

Or you want that big glamorous lashes but mascara doesn't help you? Buy some packs of high quality lashes and eyelash glue the price will be still cheaper than eyelash extension

4. Thick Make Up is Out of Question
Cleaning your eye make up area is getting more troublesome because you have to do it very very carefully to not ruin your eyelash extension because it's delicate. Especially if you're wearing thick make up such as smokey eye that needs proper cleansing. You have to use special cotton pad that wont stuck on your lashes, though normally any pad is fine because you'd remove the false lashes altogether
I always feel I cant cleanse my eye make up properly because of eyelash extension, and it sometimes hurts my eyes when I wash it because some of the lashes might poke my eyes as I cleanse it LOL
To be honest, I prefer my face bare and clean after I wash it

5. Inconvenients in Life
You can't rub your eyes though sometimes it's itchy, the shape might be ruined whenever you do that. But imagine when you're sleeping or when your eyes are itchy, or you're crying. Not to mention if you order thick lashes, it might be a little bit stiff and heavy and hurts when you accidentally rub it. Your eyelashes are also tend to be fragile that you have to take extra measure to let it in shape by brushing it everyday
I dont know if the inconvenient in daily life is worth it

As for me, I prefer to use removable make up such as mascara or false eyelashes though I am not against eyelash extension. Here I am just telling you about the pros and cons so you can make decision. But for me, I would rather to use false eyelashes if possible

How about you? Which one you prefer and why? :D

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