The Art of Losing Your Credit Card

November 07, 2016

What's number one bank in Indonesia?
I think some might claim this bank and that bank, however there's this one bank that every Indonesia citizens use, and that's BCA

Especially in this digital era where everything you buy can be done via bank transfer, ALL of the "sis" at Online Shops that I have encountered has BCA account. It's like a must have for Indonesian to open and register their account at this bank. I have also been user of BCA for years, and so are my parents and my friends

Now if I am asked to bring a story as a user, and I remembered one good story!

Anyway, this story happens around 2 years ago. I was at another nearby city from Jakarta for a job, and I was running out of cash. So I went to an ATM to take out some money. However right before driving to the highway, I realized that I forgot to take out the money!!!

I was in panic, because the amount is a lot. BUT, I didn’t remember the ATM that I went to because I wasn't familiar with the area. I called a friend of mine and she mentioned that all I had to do was to call BCA customer service and told them about my accident

So I called and I didn’t have to wait that long before the kind customer service assisted me in this matter. She explained clearly that the ATM would take back my money again if there's no one that takes the money. BCA will also refund ONLY if you call haloBCA customer service and informed about the accident. And because I reported it, in seconds, my matter has been processed and ended nicely lol

I didnt really have many accidents regarding my credit or debit card because I didn't have many cards, and because I hardly use it. So the risk for having to call haloBCA is pretty low. But when I am in need, they assist me perfectly and it makes me rest assured about believing my money is at the right bank

Has any of you have ever encountered the same problem and used haloBCA service? 

Anyway, haloBCA has changed its number to 1500888! And you can also use their service not only through phone, but also via twitter @halobca or just email to in case you can’t make a phone call.. 

If you guys have any story to share, please leave a comment and it'll be interesting to read your stories!


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