How Blonde Hair Changed My Life

November 09, 2016

There's this one thing that I am proud of doing before everyone else, and that's dyeing my hair. Although it’s considered as a bad action 10 years ago, I really wanted to dye my hair and changed my appearance in the name of fashion. 10 years ago, I was just a normal middle school student who loved Japan so much and idolized Ayumi Hamasaki and other J-singers.

Yes, I wanted to look like her so bad !!!

Whenever I said I would like to have my hair dyed blonde, EVERYONE always said to me 

"No, it only looks good on Caucasian"
"Asians don’t suit blonde hair"
"Do you want to be alay with orange-y hair?"
"You think you look good with blonde?"
"you won’t pull it off"
"yea some Japanese can do it but they're so fair-skinned!"
"black hair is the best"
"you don’t appreciate what God has given to you"
"you're not pretty enough to have blonde hair"
"natural is always the best"
"black hair suits you well"
etc etc . . . 

Those words from people around me had affected me to not pushing outside my limit, but I believe that I could!

And I was like, "whatever, I want to challenge myself!"

So I went to salon nearby my home with my father. And I had 4 colors because I thought it was cool back then (I didn’t have the picture anymore because it was on friendster LOL)

I had half side of my hair black and another blonde. The bottom part had pink and brown highlight, which resulted my mom screamed at me once I reached back home. She burst out crying because her child suddenly joined Emo - Visual Kei style that looked like satan LOL

My father and I just giggled

I used to think I looked so cool back then but turns out if I looked back again, I looked like shit LOL

I looked so hard to find the picture but the earliest I could get was 8 years back, this was taken on 2008 with my vkei lover community friends of mine back then LOL (Kalo ga usah pakai, gimana?

I was one of them, could you guess which one is me? LOL

Answer is, the left front, blonde girl with pink phone
We used to think flip phone was so cool because it looked like Japanese mobile phone
Ah what young age  XD

And this was taken on 2009, when I was 17 years old in high school which I think still looked not too bad! LOL

This was at Japanese event held by UI. My hair was that orange-ish blonde because at that time I still didn’t have a sense and knowledge about hair

However I was one of the pioneer in my school in terms of dyeing hair *proud*

My mom and society never really approved for my taste in dyeing hair because in Indonesia it was seen as a rebel or naughty girl, it wasn't common to see people with colored hair back then. Talking about hair dye was even more advanced, do you even remember like 10 years ago if people used eyeliner, some would talk about them?

It's unlike now where I see some high schoolers already understand how to put make up on and have a lot of make up products, regular teens back then was still far from fashion 

Life has gotten better for my hair when I started blogging. I got recognized easily compared to other beauty bloggers back then because of my eccentric hair. Among tens or hundreds bloggers in the community, I could say a part of my success lies on my hair as well because clients can recognize me as they can spot "that blonde girl" from far away.

I keep mentioning that there were better bloggers back then and I got a lot of opportunities and recognition thanks to my eye catching appearance that I had been doing. I still believe that even up to now

And thanks to that, my career in blogging could advance further even made it to full-time career. For now I do believe my career is not only relied on my hair but also other aspects, nevertheless my hair was one of the main factor in the beginning

In current state, there are thousands of bloggers in Indonesia and I have seen so many bloggers with rainbow colored hair, and I am no longer the only white-haired girl. I would say instead of feeling competitive, it makes me happier because I am no longer an outsider, I have companions that also change beauty and fashion industry in Indonesia

And do you know all those comments that were pointed at me back then that I wouldn't pull it off? Now even my mom said I looked good with light hair! A lot of people praise my hair and it has become quite an ice breaker topic with new people. Also, I get a lot of jobs with hair brands to feature their products that's specified for colored hair! 

It's something that I didn't even imagine 10 years ago when I got out from my comfort zone and challenged myself for a new look.

A woman can do a lot of small step that can make their life better. Like I decided to change my hair colour. I often do experiments like this to make small changes in my life. One of the small change that I did is when I was challenged to wear super slim napkin a.k.a. pembalut tipis (that I never tried before, because I was always choose the thick one). So, I recently tried the new Laurier Super Slimguard that’s sent to me, and it changes my world...

The new one has 1mm thickness that feels super light and lets me to do many activities without feeling limited! You gotta try it!

Laurier Super Slimguard would like to inspire you through hashtag #1mmForBetterYou because you are only 1mm away from your best. Laurier Super Slimguard would like to help you being more confident in life and activities through their product that has the thickness of 1mm only! Rest assured as you can manage your daily life without worrying about staining your pants thanks to 1mm solution!

Share your inspiring story as well on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #1mmForBetterYou or submit your story on !

For me, dyeing my hair is 1mm step that leads me to bigger paths. For other people, there might be other ways to change themselves into a better person. Try something different!! 
Maybe you can try changing your fashion style, changing your make up style, or maybe dyeing your hair, or try a new pixie cut that you never try before?

You might have deep potential that you don’t know but because everyone always thinks your potential is limited, you don't dare to break through the wall. BUT your life has endless possibilities and I would like you to be more confident in changing your life

Who knows that the quote of "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" will work on your life!

This is my #1mmForBetterYou story. What about yours? Let’s begin your small step, and good luck to every woman out there!

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