Sensoji Temple Asakusa - Kimono Experience in Tokyo

November 28, 2016

I have worn Kimono a few times during my visit in Japan but I never truly blog about the experience itself. This time it's my first time to try Kimono in Asakusa. Usually tourists would want to wear it in Kyoto but hey, Tokyo is rich in history as well and Asakusa is the best spot for your Kimono experience

So I visited a Kimono Rental Shop in Asakusa, only 5 mins walk from Asakusa station. The shop's name is Aiwafuku and they have a few branches in Asakusa; reservation is recommended though especially with big group

The kimono set starts from 2900 yen including hair do which is so cheap!! Most of the time, hair do needs additional cost but it's all included! And you can wear it all day until the shop's closed before you returned it (they can keep your luggage as well)

There are so many options to choose from and I was so confused which one to wear so I decided the staff to pick the best for me lol

For putting on kimono, it's a lot of effort put in and there are so many layers before you're finished. Prepare around 40-60 mins if you're a woman to get ready with your kimono and hair do!

Look at all those colors *____*
And the kimonos in aiwafuku are all clean and have great fabric. Also all of the staffs are very kind and attentive

Took a pic with the entrance before moving on to Sensoji. And spot that pikachu obi on the left side? I WANT!!

We strolled around Nakamise Shopping Street before moving on to the main temple

There were a lot of interesting spots for picture taking in Sensoji Temple's area so you can take your time with it
BESIDES, the geta (japanese shoes) provided is soooo comfortable compared to other getas I had. My old geta had spaces in between and this one just feels like sandal, so it's very easy to walk with ^.^

You can also try omikuji and if it doesn't go well, you can tie it up there
Though I honestly dont do omikuji or pray at shrine but this is just for picture taking lol #tourist

Anyway all of these pictures are taken by my photographer from Nomina, Donatus Ariel
I used his service in Japan because I wanted him to capture my family portrait trip and though it's such a luxury to get him, I am blown away by the pictures as it turns out to be good *____*

I mean, my own camera is already good enough but his gear and his skills are on another level haha
Definitely recommending him if you want to have your picture taken as well
Btw I dont put my family pictures as it's private, but I will share when there are less face shown on the pic lol 

Details of the Kimono
So pretty right!!!!

As the sun sets down, my Asakusa day is over as well
My whole family and I had an amazing experience where we truly feel like a japanese lol

If you guys would like to have the same experience in Asakusa, feel free to check Aiwafuku Website

Thanks Aiwafuku for the experience
See you guys again on my next post!

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