Dinner at Kobe Harborland

January 23, 2017

Stayed at Osaka and used JR Pass for my journey was pretty much exciting as I dont have to worry when taking trips by train using JR. Osaka and Kobe are neighbourhood cities that can be reached within around 30 mins. Considering that I had never visited Kobe before despite been to Osaka many times. I have an urge to skip dinner in Osaka and head to Kobe instead. The stay was short and pretty much unplanned, my only hope was to see the Harborland and Ferris Wheel that becomes landmark for the busy city

I had to walk for around 10 mins from the station and went to MOSAIC to get this view. The view is breath taking and reminds me of Yokohama, Singapore and Hong Kong, which I assume it's just a basic port view lol
But nevertheless, it was amazing!

My friend and I decided to just eat anything that we can find across this view for dinner and we got yakiniku! It was pretty average as it costed us around 3-4k yen per person for dinner with harbor view. The food could be better though


It was almost Christmas so there were some decorations of Christmas and night illuminations. The night is pretty colorful in Kobe but not as crowded as Osaka and Tokyo, which I appreciate so much!


The famous big ferris wheel that has light play, it keeps changing colors and designs every other second

Then as an average tourist, I went to some souvenir shops at the Harborland and found out that Kobe is famour for its cheesecake and pudding o_o basically, yellow stuff LOL

I bought Kobe Cheesecake for my client and family. Tried it but not really impressed, not as good as the freshly made cheese cake of course. I regret that I didnt buy Kitkat Kobe Pudding, I wonder what's the difference between kobe pudding and normal pudding lol but as I picked other souvenirs and got no 1 best seller, it's okay after all. Next time, next time!

As the night got colder and colder, I walked back to the station while looking at the beautiful light illumination along the street that reminds me of Christmas feel so much. It wasn't Christmas yet but it's always good to see the lights at night during winter
And so that was my short dinner trip to Kobe before going back to Osaka

See you guys again on my next post!

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  1. Wish I could just visit Japan as often as you do! Always waiting for your next post about Japan xxx