3 Things You Must Do At Hiroshima - Miiko Tour Version

January 10, 2017

Following my Kansai Trip, Eva and I are like average Indonesian who grew up reading Japanese Manga and one of the most popular childhood comics in Indonesia is, Miiko! A lot of my friends keep reading Miiko up to now because the book story is really heart warming and cute. I collect all the series and planning to read it for future generation! 

I dont know if Eva and I are freak or what, but we remember the story of Miiko, and when I mentioned that I wanted to visit Hiroshima, she was willing to accompany me. Turns out when we were talking at Shinkansen, our purpose is influenced by Miiko comic ! 😂 

Therefore we decided to call that day as Miiko Tour because we're following the path that Miiko recommends on the book volume 17! If you're not a fan of Miiko, I hope this interesting path and one day itinerary can do you good


As mentioned in the comic, Miiko was craving for Momiji Manju, the most popular souvenir from Hiroshima! Consider it like Tokyo's Tokyo Banana, or Hokkaido's Shiroi Koibito. When you're going to Hiroshima and need to bring back omiyage (souvenir), get a pack of Momiji Manju! It's just a normal red bean sponge cake in shape of momiji to be honest, but nevertheless the taste is pretty good! 

You can easily get it at any Hiroshima Station that's packed beautifully or you can also buy it individually. I got mine for around 150 yen! The average filling is anko (red bean) but there are other interesting fillings such as custard, strawberries, and so on! I tried it at Miyajima Island which I recommend you to visit as well while you're in Hiroshima, but unfortunately Miiko's not going there, yet 😂 


Okonomiyaki is considered Japanese Pizza by foreigners, however it's perhaps the normal Okonomiyaki. Hiroshima has their own version of Okonomiyaki and it includes noodles (soba/udon) inside instead of the normal ingredient which is chopped cabbages. I had this for my dinner at Hiroshima JR Station building. It's Okonomi-mura (Okonomi Village) that has around 27 shops of Okonomiyaki

As I eat the normal okonomiyaki more, I have different feeling when eating Hiroshima Okonomiyaki because it's more like Yakisoba (fried noodle) lol However it's tasty and satisfying. Eva and I ordered only 1 normal Udon Okonomiyaki and we shared but we couldn't even finish it as the portion is huge and it's really filling!  A must eat at Hiroshima


Miiko also visited the Atomic Bomb Dome as her mom recommended. We all learned from History that the bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 closed the World War II but the price that they had to pay is a lot. The building was an exhibition hall and the only building left from the war, which is now preserved under World Heritage List as a reminder of what war and nuclear weapon can do to humanity

Hiroshima attack was on 6th August 1945, and it's the first atomic bomb shot in the world. The bomb is said to be exploded 600 meters above and 160 meters southeast, instantly killing everyone nearby the area. You can click and zoom the information of the picture, or google for more information

You can take a bus for one stop away or just walk within around 15 minutes to reach the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park where people pray and give flowers as condolences to make sure this never happen again. Over there you could also visit some statues that appeared at Miiko's comic as well

And so Eva and I's Miiko Journey at Hiroshima ended. Visiting this itinerary for one day is more than enough and there are other places to explore as well in the city. We had half day following Miiko's route and another half day to Miyajma Island

If you're a fan of Miiko and visit Japan in the future, please make sure to follow the route as well to experience the same thing that Miiko feels. I had a really good time at Hiroshima and it's one of my favorite destinations in Japan so far. I learned about the history and had a meaningful conversation as well with my friend after visited the Atomic Dome and Park, which really put you back to reality as well, that we're living at a peaceful age where countless people died for the sake of our current freedom


Hiroshima is easily connected with Shinkansen from Osaka and Tokyo. A day trip from Tokyo would be tough since it would take almost 4 hours one way, and costs almost 20.000 yen one way. It's more bearable if you're staying overnight in Osaka, since it's just 1 hour and 40 mins one way and costs 10.000 yen. However, Shinkansen to Hiroshima is covered by JR PASS or JR KANSAI-HIROSHIMA Pass. So make sure to take advantage of this pass if you're foreign tourists

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See you guys again on my next post!

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  1. I'm planning to visit Japan again this year - just can't get over its charm! In JAN 2015 I went to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Yuzawa, and Tokyo in just 1 week - definitely not enough.
    This time I'll think about visiting the south (Hiroshima, etc.) or north (Sapporo, etc.).
    Love your blog, Stella!