15 Pictures That Make You Dont Want to Visit Miyajima Island

December 20, 2016

Separated hours away from the busy bustling metropolitan Tokyo, you have to take Shinkansen to Hiroshima station and another 30 mins ride to the Miyajima guchi station before heading for another ferry ride to explore the island. But is it all worth it?

They say pictures speak a thousand of words, so in that sense, I have 1500 thousand of words for you about things you can do at Miyajima Island to let you decide whether you want to visit this island or not

1. First of all, who wants to walk on the clear blue beach with kind deer next to it right?

2. And riding a traditional boat on the island as if traveling back in time makes no sense

3. The Itsukushima Shrine is not even that beautiful and picturesque 

4. What's so special about the bright red color you mean?

5. And this Zen thing on the shrine while overlooking the tori on the center? 

6. Who wants to travel so far away to see this floating torii that has been registered as UNESCO Heritage Site, right?

7. And you can also walk to the torii when the tide go down but who will do that?

8. It's not like Miyajima Island has beautiful village to offer besides the shrine either

9. And the clear river that flows beautifully is far from your expectation

10. Forget any animals that you can spot by in this island, it's only in your dream

11. And the sight as if the time has stopped when machine hasn't taken over the world is nowhere to be seen

12. The colors of autumn trees is not even pretty to the point can make you smile

13. So why should we visit this rural island just to experience autumn since the scenery is not even that breath taking

14. Autumn is the worst season because the trees are all so boring to see, hideous

15. And a carpet of yellow ginko trees is nowhere to be found either


Miyajima Island is one of the most scenic spots in Japan that has long been regarded as an Island of Gods on the beautiful Seto Inland Sea. It has Itsukushima Shrine that has been chosen as a World Heritage Site and Virgin Forest of Mt. Misen alongwith numerous preserved shrines and historical monuments 
From other cities : Take Shinkansen to Hiroshima Station 
From Hiroshima : Take train to Miyajima Guchi Station and walk 5 minutes to the ferry port. Ferry ride is 180 yen one way and requires 10 minutes 
For JR Pass Holder, all trains and ferry is covered by the pass 

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  1. You silly! Your title is misleading! Hehe! I wanna go!!!

  2. Hiroshima & Miyajima is on my top wishlist!