Gudetama Cafe in HEP FIVE Osaka

December 27, 2016

A lot of people are really into Kawaii Cafe in Japan, especially women tourists who would love to take pictures of the kawaii food and are into kawaii stuffs. Meet my junior high school friend, Eva, whom happened to be studying in Japan at the moment and accompanying me in Kansai for a short getaway with StayJapan . She really wants to visit Gudetama Cafe and because I think it's a good content for my blog, I agreed 

Once I reached Osaka Station, Eva and I walked to HEP FIVE mall where Gudetama Cafe is located at. There weren't many people dining there, which I think is because it's far behind the opening dates already. We quickly got to our seat and my friend was screaming enthusiastically 


The interior was really pleasant and cute, with so many Gudetama characters here and there. The lighting was in fact more into bright yellow shade to give Gudetama ambient. When we were there, there were only 3 tables; including us at such a big cafe 


There are so many little details that you can find in this cafe. They have from pillow to hug to, some books, and even the desk has cute small chain of Gudetama. Eva was screaming happily at the cafe because she's a big fan lol


The food selection isn't that many, you can check Gudetama Cafe Menu on the website, the price is pretty expensive but as expected of themed cafe

Eva ordered this yellow gudetama curry that comes with only 1 bacon, and some stir fried veggies. The food is so bland and disappointing. It's 1000 yen for a plate of it

I ordered the most filling food because I was so hungry, a beef rice bowl for 1200 yen. However the taste is much much worse than Sukiya / Yoshinoya that I can get for 300 yen. Problem is, they only have that runny sunny side egg with gudetama face. Such a ripoff 😂  😂  😂 

Eva also ordered this average melon soda that comes with wafer and kind of Gudetama ass mochi for 800 yen 😂   

And here's our dinner menu! The foods taste were pretty bland and disappointing, the foods are not as cute as I hoped because it looks so average and I can easily make it at home with the help of bento maker. I prefer foods at Sanrio Puroland  after all I can't make pink curry at home lol


Overall I dont want to recommend the cafe at all. I think it's such a ripoff and the place looks like cheap food court and there's no good lighting available as well inside the area as everything is sooooo yellow-ish (-_-) taking picture is so difficult. The photos in this blog post is being enhanced by my editing otherwise everything is all too yellow and it hurts my eyes  😂   

It was a good experience but I won't mention it as a must visit, unless you really like Gudetama or you are really out of plans to do in Osaka


Japan, 〒530-0017 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Kita Ward. KAKUDACHO, 5−15, HEP FIVE

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  1. OMG, everything about this cafe is so cute!!! Hopefully I'd be able to go there one day! :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  2. Lucu banget temanya!! <3 <3
    Semoga bisa mampir kesini kalau sudah sampai di JP.
    Terima kasih review-nya~