English Speaking Hair Salon in Tokyo - NALU76 Omotesando

December 02, 2016

I have one or two experiences visiting Japanese hair salon but it's always through the help of my native Japanese friend. Otherwise, visiting it would be so much trouble because my japanese skill is nowhere that good and as we all know, not all japanese speak english 😂  I also need a salon that's trustable enough and I have been reading Cheesie's blog for years to trust her opinion that her salon's sponsor is so far great. I have met her in person a few times and her hair is always amazingly smooth and healthy

Also last time when I was in Singapore, Miyake told me that Number76 has come to Singapore and she did her hair with them including the extension. Touched her hair and I was dying on jealousy 😂 
So when an opportunity strikes as an email from their team comes to my inbox, I agree right away. Besides, I'm on my way to Tokyo at that time and their main salon is located at the prestigious area, Omotesando, Tokyo

NALU hair salon is the name for Omotesando's branch, but in Singapore and Malaysia we all know it as Number76. Both offers the same services and hospitality but I am lucky enough to fly down to Tokyo at the right time


Salon in Japan is usually pretty compact and minimalism due to its tight space but NALU manages to hold around 10 seats and I come 3 times during my one month stay in Tokyo and it's always packed with customers! Better reserve first, and first time customer gets 20% discount anyway ^^

Most salons in Japan require reservation as they don't accept walk in customer. NALU accepts walk-in customer but I strongly suggest that you reserve if you dont have much time to spare. Also they have english-speaker staff and some of the staffs understand basic english. Shall you have trouble giving them directions of what you want, they will instantly call the headquarter and get a translator for you lol So attentive!

I had dyed my hair darker for my previous job but this time I wanted it to be lighter. I cant show you the products that they use but rest assured as for the bleaching they use the almighty OLAPLEX as a mixture as well to protect your hair. Also I had taken off my hair extension before as it had been damaged so my hair was shoulder length at that time. But I love myself when I have long hair therefore I want to do hair extension at them (besides, Miyake's hair extension was sooooo amazing)

And lets start the bleaching coloring process~

Being honest with you as usual, I got my color and bleach covered as sponsorship but I had to pay for the extension. It was a little bit expensive but I trust the quality. Besides, it's much cheaper for that quality to be done directly in Japan compared to do it in Singapore or Jakarta so all is worth it. Wait until you see the after picture :D

What I almost forgot about how much I love Japanese salon is their inclined seat and face protection paper. As you can see from the picture above, the seat is automatically inclined once you sit properly.  No more lying down on your own and finding the right spot to adjust your head. It's such a simple luxury thing that makes everything seems perfect 

Also they cover your face perfectly with a special paper so no water splash will ruin your make up. So thoughtful! The weird thing is also compared to normal Indonesia salon, the stylist who washed my hair had to wash it from the side instead of from the back. And oh boy, dont let me start talking about how thoroughly clean they wash my scalp. I feel bad for washing my hair improperly for the past 24 years, I should learn how to do that like him 😂 


My mom who hasn't done her hair for years, joining me in the club as she wants balayage hair #ThePerksOfBlogger'sMom

Her stylist was Gomi-san, a sweet cheerful girl that my mom kept praising to me because she's smiling all the time. That's what I call Japanese Omotenashi!

Look at that soft bouncy gurl and amazing balayage transition created by Gomi-san! WHY I CANT CURL MY HAIR LIKE HER? D":

Before and After

For someone who cant visit salon monthly like her, she wants a low-maintenance colored hair which is why she gets balayage. Besides bleaching and coloring, she also got to try the famous Ultrasonic Hair Treatment and thats why her hair is still silky smooth!

The result is ashy brown that's pretty dark in real life but when the sun hits, the color is lighter (like on the picture)


As for me, this is my before and after!
Cut, Bleach, Color, Treatment, Tape in Extension

I know this is not my usual silver hair but their tape in extension doesn't have silver shade so I picked the lightest ash blonde shade that they have and my stylist did his best to cater on my request 


So sexy I could die
I showed my stylist the styling that I always wanted to achieve on my own but always failed, and he managed to do it for me. Blood and tears cant return the favor. Also he taught me how to do that at home, which it kinda works but the curl doesn't stay all day like his styling. HELP! :"(
I need to move to Omotesando so my hair can be sexy everyday fml

Also look at that extension, he carefully cut each extension to small pieces instead of taping it as a whole so it blends beautifully on my hair (you can google how to tape in extension, most salons I know of always tape it as it is, which leaves damage to hair due to its weight. And the transparent glue will show obviously)

Nobody can tell it's extension and the quality of the extension is too amazing to be true
You need around 60-80 pieces for whole head in case you are curious


With iijima-san, my stylist!
Please look for him when you come to this salon! 

On another note, below the salon, they also open up a cafe named 76CAFE
I came to the cafe after I came back from job in Kansai area (weeks after my visit)

The cafe was crowded and there were even some people queued to get in. It's pretty cozy and their lunch menu is too amazing to be missed. I mean, FREE SOUP AND RICE Refill!! *_*

Also it's included with one drink and beer / wine are included! 
Of course since it's japan, water is free lol

The price is pretty decent for Tokyo's standard cafe which is around 1000 yen

I haven't had my dose of roast beef on that trip so I ordered one Roast Beef Rice Bowl with Avocado, and to my surprise the size was pretty huge and it has that dancing poached egg on top
There are a lot of meats compared to my expectation and it totally wraps the rice beautifully

I almost asked for another rice and the only thing that prevents me was how much I had eaten carbs for the past month in Japan to the point I feel fatter T____T
So I threw away my gluttony and instead went to the wrong direction, ordered cake! 😂 

I was recommended the Ladybug Mousse by the staff but since it's autumn I thought of getting their limited autumn cake which is Maron Cake. And they need to stop pampering me, instead they gave me 2 cakes including a special sparkler firework to celebrate me coming to the cafe T___T

The taste? Amazingly delicious! They have a tea set with the cake with additional 300 yen for each cake you order but I've had enough of my orange juice. Both of the cakes sweetness are perfect. I am not a fan of overly sweet cake and I hardly eat dessert in Jakarta, however japanese dessert is an exception as it's always so good

The highlight is truly the ladybug cake. My bestie screamed when I sent her the picture and she was crying for missing it out lol The inside is a creamy light soft vanilla mouse and sweet berry flavoured in the middle. And that's what I call a blissful dining experience

Thank you for the experience!
In case you'd like to visit it one day when you come to Tokyo, bookmark this post for future reference and don't forget to check their website as well

150-0001 東京 都渋谷区 神宮前 4-9-2 
神宮前MMビル2F 2F, MM Bldg, 4-9-2, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 

Omotesando A2 Exit, 5 mins walk

They also have their branches in Malaysia and Singapore, so in case you dont go to Japan, you can enjoy their service as well when you're traveling nearby Indonesia ^^
See you guys again on my next post!

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