Sanrio Puroland - Hello Kitty Theme Park in Tokyo

December 09, 2016

Finally another theme park bucket list checked! I have always wanted to visit Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo but I never had a good chance to visit. For my trip, we decided to visit 2 theme parks and Sanrio Puroland was on the list for sure. I have read a few bloggers whom visiting the park and they love it despite its main target was kids. Well, who can resist Sanrio characters, right? :x

And so off we go! It's only 30 mins from Shinjuku using Keio Line but I had to go to Shinjuku first from Morishita apartment which is another 20 mins. In total it tooks me about an hour to reach the place

Get off at Tama-Center Station! It was a little bit far by Japan standard but hey, I'm indonesian that's used to commute one way 2 hours, so this much is not a big deal lol

The ticket's price for weekday is 3300 yen while weekend is 3800 yen for adult. However there's some discount coupon for Sanrion Puroland on their website, and there's afternoon passport (after 3 pm) as well if you dont want to stay too long

You'll also be presented with Sanrio Puroland Guide & Map. The theme park is an indoor theme park and has 2 levels of floors. The park is not that big compared to other theme parks I went to, so I'd say 6 hours is enough to see everything


There was locker area to store your stuffs which is pretty convenient. I love Japan because they have locker everywhere! I stored my coat and other heavy stuffs there so I can walk around freely
The entrance area is dreamy and magical 

Boots : Esperanza

Anyway it's Sanrio Puroland's 25th Anniversary and PomPomPurin 20th Anniversary!

When I first came in, the big tree house was standing there strongly as the center of the theme park. It was grand and magical at the same time

Kudos to my wide lens to take this beautiful scenery lol

More pics for the center of the theme park, and the giant clock on the entrance

After that we hurriedly queued to Hello Kitty House on the second floor, which is of course Sanrio's most popular character! At Hello Kitty House, there were a lot of spots for picture taking but I wont spam too much. Hopefully just enough to let you craving to come 


There are a lot of spot that resembles Western architecture and design but there are spots that wont let you forget that you're after all in Japan, such as the tatami room with Hello Kitty sitting peacefully. And picture taking is totally welcomed!! 


Too much kawaiiness

After walking around the Hello Kitty House, the superstar of the house will be waiting for you on the end of your journey and let you to take picture with her. Both with your camera and with the official camera

You can buy the printed photo that has cute designs which you can pick of as well for a certain fee. The picture is handed to you inside a cute official Hello Kitty Map File as well!

What awaits you later on is a shop full of Hello Kitty merchandises. I strongly advise for any Hello Kitty lovers to avoid this place because you'll be broke after 1 hour as everything is so cute and you can hardly find most of it anywhere else


After that we went to Kiki and Lala Twinkling Tour to watch the history of Kiki and Lala and play along the area. Mostly it's interactive games and cute spots but the lighting changes every 5 secs to pastel shades that makes picture taking difficult

By the end of the room, there is also their merchandise stores
In fact, there are a lot of stores selling souvenirs specialized in Sanrio's characters. Each store caters on each's character such as Gudetama, My Melody, etc!

There were only 2 rides available in the theme park which is a boat ride (you can watch the youtube vlog later on, below the post) which is totally safe as it's for kids 😂 


There are more shows available instead of rides, I will write only about 2 shows. First is Hello Kitty in Wonderland which tells a story of Hello Kitty as Alice. Best thing about the show? They have LCD Screen on the side stage with ENGLISH SUBTITLE!

The show is about 35 mins and by the end of the show, there was a kind of Takarazuka parody which made me giggled lightly

During the show I was just in awe thinking of all the people who work hard behind the costume but let's not mention about this to the children 😂 
And anyway, all of the dancers were so energetic and danced with all of their might. Clapping my hand for all the efforts they put into show!

Another one is the public show on the tree house, right, that tree house we encountered when we first came in. They played a lot of laser lights and even though the show was for children, adults were silent in respect as well for each of performers and dancers who had a role in that show. The timing precision of each scene, the lighting, the smile, the costume, the acting, the dance, the energy, I would say it's only in Japan that can create such high standard and I shove a lot of thumbs for that


Because it's lunch time and we were hungry, my family and I went to the food court. Expect not grand restaurant as in fact it's just a normal food court and the food's selection is to please the young kids so mostly it's children menu like ramen, curry, hamburger, and desserts


The kawaiiness doesn't stop, this is really a new level of kawaii

In case you're asking, yes that's curry rice, and no it's not poisonous, and yes, the meat was hardly there 😂 😂 😂 

I was shocked because in fact it's so much carb.. I mean, it's rice, and bread, and a piece of nugget, or a fishcake. They even put small marshmallow there 😂 😂 😂  #mindblown

If you want a karaage and some sausages in your curry, the curry turns out to be 50% more expensive and doesn't have color. So just suck it up and enjoy the kawaii food you have, take many pictures of it before it's gone once you gulped it down as a momentum that you've dined there. Don't forget to share the pics to your friends so they can die of the kawaiiness

The best bet would be the ramen and the burger set as it's more, filling enough? 😂 

My family's food!!!
For picture taking, I personally really love the Melody Curry because CMON IT'S PINK LOL
However a lot of friends of mine were so interested with the blue curry and they're so speechless that it's exist 😂 

However if you're hungy, just go eat that pink hamburger! 

Or the PomPomPurin ramen can be your second choice, especially in the cold winter where you crave for hot warm soup 😂 
Anyway, what's your favorite among the foods?

I think it's really a great place if you are into kawaii world, would love to take a lot of pictures, addicted with Sanrio characters, or you're traveling with kids! 

Spending a full day here would be too much as the park itself is pretty small so after we finished shopping some souvenirs around 3 pm, we head back to Shibuya for some shopping. 

It was indeed a pleasant journey and during my time there, it was mostly a, light feeling? I mean, when I go to other theme parks, I have this rushed feeling I need to ride this and that and let's queue for 2 hours. But in Sanrio Puroland all I did was mostly chilling and enjoying the park, playing some fun games, and visit some souvenir shops

It was a pretty chilled day in Sanrio Puroland and it's great ^^

For more story, you can also watch my youtube video about my day there! 
There are some clips about the rides and the shows too!

Let me know if you've ever been to Sanrio Puroland as well or if you intend to visit
You can visit their website for more information

Get out of Keio Tama-Center Station, and walk 5 mins to the park
You can visit their website for more information

See you guys again on my next post!

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