Postcards from Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival 2016

December 12, 2016

I think I have to rush blogging about this Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival as we have entered December and soon it will turn into winter (in fact, some of the momijis had gone). I visited the Spring Festival last may to see Shibazakura, and autumn season is as pretty as spring, so it's a must to see. Besides, autumn has so many amazing foods!

Shintaro-nii and his wife was kind enough to drive me and my family to see autumn leaves in Kawaguchiko. We had a long drive from Tokyo to the mountain and fortunately the traffic wasn't that bad but we visited Hakone and Gotemba in one day (Hakone blog post later!) so it was a long journey

When we reached Kawaguchiko, unfortunately the Mount Fuji was being shy as usual so we couldn't see it. Instead within walking distance of the lake, there was a beautiful area where the trees started turning red 


Though unfortunately not all of the trees have been covered in red shades, it was still a pleasant for my eyes. We came on first week of November but maybe second week of November would be better. It's a little bit too early :< 

There was nearby pond as well and I was really happy because of the fresh air and beautiful sceneries

My family and I had a really great photoshoot by my photographer (all pics on this blog is credited to Donatus Ariel) but I'll just share my face here ;) 

It was perfect weather though, around 15 celcius, which is not that cold neither that hot. I love autumn and spring season because I can layer up and no sweat when walking, plus an amazing sceneries!

In fact if you see people behind me on the last picture, so many people were there to take picture and enjoy the festival. And unfortunately my photographer didnt manage to take picture of me enjoying my time on the festival, but as expected of Japanese Festival, there were a lot of food stalls including Amazake (Sweet Rice wine) that I was gulping, some yakisoba, oden, grilled fish, etc! It was heaven as we can try Japanese street foods that is rare to find in Tokyo

As the sun set down, the lights were lit up to make the night scenery beautiful! There were so many tourists there but mostly elders lol I guess young people would rather visit cityscapes 

So pretty right!!! Please make sure to visit the Autumn Leaves Festival next year to experience the same thing ^^

After had a nice houtou (local Yamanashi food) nearby the station, we headed back to Tokyo! It was indeed a pleasant journey and I thank Shintaro-nii and wife for driving us all day to this far day trip T.T Can't ask for a better friend!

Car is indeed cheaper because we were 8 persons in one car, compared to bus. Return trip via bus from Shinjuku would be around 3500 yen per hour, and not included traveling around Kawaguchiko via shuttle bus. Unfortunately Indonesian can't drive in Japan because our international driving license doesn't work there (HATE THIS SO MUCH, SG/Malay/Thai can drive there!) but lucky I have nice friend to save some $$$ LOL

I am back in Jakarta, and to be honest my Jakarta life is pretty boring. I just sat at home and blog blog blog all day, edit videos, and reply emails. Mostly working, and weekend is spent well with some friends. Then I fell sick and now have to work less to make sure I have enough rest XD

Alright I will talk to you again on my next post! See you! 

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